Saturday, April 6, 2019

Vienna, Austria: Day One

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Leaving Florence I felt satisfied; I felt that we were able to spend enough time in this historical city to say, "I really like Florence," and know what I am talking about!

Our trip to Vienna, Austria went smoothly and I am currently working on German words such as Thank you, Please, Excuse me. Where is the bathroom? and Do you speak English?

We may get more ambitious as the days progress! So far the Austrians we have encountered speak excellent English!

Our Hotel is a bit fancier than the Air B and B's and hotels that we usually stay in, but it's location made it worth the extra bucks! It is the Steigenberger and centrally located to everything we hope to see.

By the time we checked in I was starving as I had not been able to eat all day due to nausea. I think that this may be a one dose (200 mg) of Bosulif kind of day. I am trying so hard to not miss a single dose, as my last pcr was so great, but I am not sure I will make it today. I think I have only missed one dose of 200 mg's thus far.

Anyway, while we were on the ship, a couple that we were talking to from Miami recommended LuBella for schnitzel, so we asked at the front desk if the knew where LuBella was, and Sophia pulled it up and gave us directions. It was only about a ten-minute walk and it really was very, very good schnitzel!

We also brought a piece of the famous Sacher cake back to our room for dessert.

On our way to LuBella's, we were able to view many of the buildings that we hope to explore while we are here and we even booked an opera and ballet for tomorrow night. With the "senior couple" discount,  the tickets were only 44 euros to sit in the fifth row; bargain. I hope it is good!

We did not have much energy left after dinner, and the fact that I had the first bathtub in nearly three weeks waiting for me back in our room,  we didn't do much more than take a stroll through a beautiful shopping area that we will be re-visiting again, over the next few days.

The food carts and alleyway cafes looked and smelled so good and the sights and sounds of the pedestrian street were inviting.

Here are some of the crazy things that we saw on our quick jaunt to dinner and back.

Complimentary Mini-Bar

Love window shopping!

Pinnochio followed us!

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  1. Are you going to visit the Spanish Reitschule? Lippizaner horses :)


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