Friday, April 12, 2019

Bucharest, Romania: Day Three

Sick girl looking out the window.
Well, the miraculous healing, of my cold, did not happen overnight. I am officially MISERABLE, with the nastiest cold I believe I have ever had! I seriously cannot remember being this miserable and certainly not this sick, since I was diagnosed with CML, eight years ago.

It is definitely my greatest fear while traveling with CML. The unknown. Being sick abroad and not knowing whether or not I will kick it. I emailed my most fabulous oncologist and he feels, that I will be able to kick, what we are both thinking, is a nasty viral infection.

I have Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Allbuterol, Advair and cough drops with me. We went to the "Farmace" here and she gave me "Mucosolvan" Which appears to thin the mucus in my chest, and from what I have researched, is safe to take with Bosulif.

I decided to enjoy Bucharest from my window and my bed today. Just too miserable to go out. I even tried to take a nap! Joe went out and about for a few hours, in the hopes that I could sleep, and while he was gone, he found one of our favorite Patisserie's "Paul", right around the corner.

I have been laying low, drinking tea and orange juice and hacking up a lung; not a fun day, but what are you going to do?

This afternoon, one of the kids that own this apartment came by to change some light bulbs. When he heard me hacking, and figured out I was sick, he felt really bad. I asked him about Tylenol/acetomeniphen, and showed him the translation "acetomenofen" because we could not seem to get our point across to the pharmacist ourselves, and I am nearly out!

my favorite face thus far

He said, "No problem, I will go and get it for you." We offered him money, but he refused. He came back with "Paracetamol" which is equivalent to Tylenol and a box of tea that is "all natural" and supposed to help with my cold; it is rose hip tea.

He refused payment again,  and wished me well; it seems as though all of Europe is making sure we are taken care of.

Things I see from my window.

It was really interesting talking to him about his country and how it has changed, since the end of communism in 1989, but how much change still needs to take place,  to make it a good place for all Romanians.

After he left, it was dinner time, and since I was still in my jammies, and not fit to be seen by man nor beast, Joe went to "Paul's" and bought me some soup. It was onion soup and delicious! You know that they say onions are good for colds, right?

He also brought back another soup; carrot, garlic, and ginger, with curry, so I should be all set. The price of food here is crazy cheap; a large bottle of blood red orange juice, two soups, with cheese bread at no charge, a HUGE macaroon, and an eclair all for less than five American dollars.

After Joe delivered my goodies, he decided to go to the corner cafe' for cabbage rolls. Our cute little hostess was happy to see him, but was concerned that I was sick. After he ate his dinner, she sent him on his way with a HOT pepper, to cure my cold, and an order of Papanasi's to make me feel better.

I do not know what I will do when I get home and people stop handing me "gifts".  lol Actually, I do, I will continue to hand out goodies like I have always done. My daughter told me that it was just good karma coming back to me, and I will certainly be looking for more opportunities to continue to be the giver.

Joe is downstairs hanging out with our young singer friend Saemon, who finally was able to play tonight since the rain has stopped. He has a lovely voice and all of his songs are American. His Favorite of all time is Kurt Cobain! lol

the boys

There is another guitar player singing Elvis down the street. Not a bad way to spend the day, sick in bed.

Tomorrow is another day, hopefully, I will be on the upside of this nasty cold.

I guess you just gotta pay sometimes when you play!

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