Recently,  I was approached by a marketing company through my CML Blog; Dancing and Travelling My Way Through Leukemia. I have written my experiences for the past seven years to educate and inspire other people with CML and other chronic diseases.

I have devoted the past seven years to helping others and advocating for them, and our disease. Through my blog, and online support groups, including Facebook, I have been fortunate to "meet" and "connect" with many other people, just like me!

I treasure each and every relationship, and will continue to advocate for myself, and anyone who asks for my help.

So, back to the beginning...Because of my devotion to my blog, and my presence on the internet, I am often approached by different research and pharmaceutical companies to share my experiences,  my knowledge and my opinion on various subjects revolving around CML. I am most often paid for these surveys, videos, written articles or phone conversations.

These companies realize that my opinion is valuable, and they also realize that the connections and relationships that I have formed during the last seven years are valuable, as well. Occasionally, I am offered a referral fee to find other CML patients to participate in whatever survey they may be offering; for which they will also be paid.

The surveys that I share are surveys that I have previously participated in and I personally deem them legitimate and worth doing; once again this is my opinion.

That being said, it has been brought to my attention that some people do not think that I should be accepting a referral fee for recruiting people for these surveys. If you feel this way, that is your choice,  you certainly do not have to participate.

I, personally am always happy to share my opportunities with others, and heck, if the company putting on the survey wants to pay me to help them fill it, I will certainly going to say Thank You!!

Just wanted to be upfront and clear!

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