Friday, April 28, 2023

New York to Barcelona; Bermuda

Sometimes when you get that phone call, “I found a really great deal on a cruise to Barcelona”, You just have to say “Let’s Go!”

Soooo, we are off again, Cindy and I, the husbands staying home to hold down the fort.

We spent a great night in New York, in the financial district; we were able to view the World Trade Center Memorial, which is always sobering, yet so perfectly depicted, and the Stock Exchange, before boarding the ship, the next day.

One day on the sea and we were in Bermuda, which is NOT where I thought it was, which in my mind was the Caribbean! It is actually in the middle of nowhere, east of North Carolina! Geez! 

What I can tell you about Bermuda is that it makes me miss the Caribbean BIG TIME! That blue water just calls to me, it is just sooo beautiful.

Once we got off the ship, we hired a cab driver for three hours, ($150) to take us around the island. He said he had never done a tour like ours before because it was so Willy Nilly! He usually “has a plan.” We did not!

Our first stop was Horseshoe Bay, where many of the people from the ship came to enjoy a beach day. We were able get our toes in the sand and surf, and marvel at the beauty of the beach and scenery, but since CML no longer allows me to be in the direct sun for long periods of time, that was about it. Short and so sweet!

After the beach we continued to drive to the other side of the island, viewing the resorts, and places of the rich and famous. (Which to be honest, we really didn’t care too much about, but he was super proud of them) Much of the food grown on the island stays here and they produce all of their own milk.

This is “the world’s smallest drawbridge!”

Eventually, we made it to St. George, the old village with the unfinished church, knocked down during a hurricane, but never restored. It is a beautiful  location where many weddings take place. It was originally built in 1846.

The entire island is only 21 miles long, and we went from tip to tip. The island is shaped like a fish hook, and there are only three main roads, all extremely narrow and winding. I was amazed that the motorcycles that flew around us, did not regret their choice, as there were many close calls, and apparently many accidents; luckily, not that day.

It was an enjoyable day, and the island is lovely, but I do not think I would make an effort to go there for a longer period of time. I am sure I would have enjoyed snorkeling in the water, if it had been warmer, but I think I would chose another location in which to spend more time.

Since we were in Bermuda four days ago,  I am having a difficult time remembering all of the details that our driver shared; he was extremely knowledgeable and knew more about our history, regarding Bermuda than I did!

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