Monday, February 25, 2019

When Living with Chronic Cancer; What is Important?

Survived Indian Canyons!!
When I was first diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia, I did not know what my future held. Fortunately for me, I have responded well to treatment and have been allowed the privilege to continue to live my life.

I believe that my diagnosis has encouraged me to examine what is and what is not important to me, which has led me to spend more time with my family and friends and to travel and explore the places that have always called my name.

One of my greatest "luxuries" has been to spend a good deal of time, during the winter months in southern California and Arizona. I have many friends and family members in those areas and being close enough to enjoy their company fills my heart with so much love.

Love these people!!
This requires quite a bit of travelling and planning, but it is so worth the effort.  This year we found the most perfect "HomeAway" location in Palm Springs for a month of our stay. The location was perfect, nestled up against the mountains and we had a spare bedroom that was frequently filled.

The weather wasn't as nice as it usually is during the month of January, but that didn't stop me from enjoying every minute of every day. Playing games, building puzzles, sharing meals and exploring with so many that are near and dear to my heart made for the perfect "home away" stay.

Baby Love!
Of course, there never seems to be enough time to see and do everything I want, but I did my darndest! There were many people that I did not get to visit with, and many places I did not get to explore so those will be on the top of my list for next year!

We hiked in the Indian Canyons, ate at our favorite places, bought a year's worth of books at the Rancho Mirage Library Bookstore (simply the best place to buy used books) went to the Living Desert Resort with my brother and family, walked around our "hood" and even went dancing!

We shared meals with many, some of which I had not seen in years, and I got some baby love from two precious new lives, living in the desert.

Sometimes you just have to meet in Palm Springs!
Life is grand, and whether you have been diagnosed with a serious illness or not, we should all try and remember what is, and what is not important.

Much thanks to all of you that made the effort to spend time with me, and much thanks to all of you who invited us into your homes lock, stock and barrel.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world, cannot be seen, or even touched- they must be felt with the heart" Helen Keller

Christmas 2018
Wish it were a live baby!

Fun and Games!

And work!

Ugly Sweater Cookies?

Love these girls!

Big Family Dinner!

Living Desert!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Wow!! Best PCR Results in Years!

Ragged Point 2019
I am seriously in SHOCK! And I cannot wipe the smile off of my face!! A year ago my PCR was .976%, due to a medication break from Sprycel, due to rotator cuff surgery. The pleural effusions just got to be too much, so I was taken off of Sprycel and put on Bosulif.

I admit that the first six months on Bosulif were rough, so rough I wasn't sure whether or not I would be able to tolerate the medication. Through trial and error, Zofran and CBD oil, I found that taking 200 mg of Bosulif, twice a day, with food, works for me.

I started to see a slow decrease in my PCR and today, one year later, my PCR is .037%!!!! Say what??? I just cannot believe it! I saw my oncologist just a little over a week ago, and we both agreed that I would probably always hover just below .1% and that that was "OK".

During the past eight years, I had high hopes of reaching an undetectable state, but somewhere along the line, I accepted that it was just not in the cards for me. HOWEVER, today's results, who knows!!
I find it quite interesting, that after eight years of testing my blood every three months, I am still like a kid at Christmas, anticipating what might be in the box.

Today's gift has me smiling from ear to ear, doing the happy dance, all over the house!

Happy 8 Year Cancerversary to me!

Thank you, God, and Thank you to all who love and support me unconditionally. For those of you in my shoes, I pray for great results for you, too!

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Bricks for the Brave!!