Wow!! Best PCR Results in Years!

Ragged Point 2019
I am seriously in SHOCK! And I cannot wipe the smile off of my face!! A year ago my PCR was .976%, due to a medication break from Sprycel, due to rotator cuff surgery. The pleural effusions just got to be too much, so I was taken off of Sprycel and put on Bosulif.

I admit that the first six months on Bosulif were rough, so rough I wasn't sure whether or not I would be able to tolerate the medication. Through trial and error, Zofran and CBD oil, I found that taking 200 mg of Bosulif, twice a day, with food, works for me.

I started to see a slow decrease in my PCR and today, one year later, my PCR is .037%!!!! Say what??? I just cannot believe it! I saw my oncologist just a little over a week ago, and we both agreed that I would probably always hover just below .1% and that that was "OK".

During the past eight years, I had high hopes of reaching an undetectable state, but somewhere along the line, I accepted that it was just not in the cards for me. HOWEVER, today's results, who knows!!
I find it quite interesting, that after eight years of testing my blood every three months, I am still like a kid at Christmas, anticipating what might be in the box.

Today's gift has me smiling from ear to ear, doing the happy dance, all over the house!

Happy 8 Year Cancerversary to me!

Thank you, God, and Thank you to all who love and support me unconditionally. For those of you in my shoes, I pray for great results for you, too!

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