Monday, April 23, 2018

Bosulif Update, PCR Results, Nausea and Magic Oil

Currently, Bosulif and I have a love hate relationship; I have been on 400 mg of Bosulif for two months now, and the nausea has continued, despite taking Zofran, prior to the Bosulif. A few weeks ago, I had a great idea, and asked my oncologist if he would approve; I began to split my 400 mg ( per day) dose, into two, 200 mg doses. This has tremendously cut down of the severity of the nausea, even though it has not eliminated it completely.

I have 100 mg tablets, so I am not actually cutting the pills in half. I am grateful for the decrease in the severity of the nausea, but hold out high hopes, that eventually I will adjust to this medication, and the nausea will completely subside.

On the upside, I had my BCR/ABL checked, after one month of being on the 400 mg dose, and I am happy to say that my PCR results were down from .972% to .34%; pretty good progress, if I do say so myself; at least the nausea, was not for naught!

A few things that I have been trying, to help with the nausea, is taking 4 mg of Zofran (an anti-nausea medication), approximately one hour prior to taking the Bosulif, and then taking the Buosulif with a meal, and a glass of milk; for me,  my first meal of the day, around 1 pm, and the second around 6 pm.

The nausea typically starts about an hour after I take the Bosulif; on "good" days, I eat a few crackers and carry on. On bad days, I swear a lot! lol Although, after much encouragement from another cancer warrior, I started using a magic oil, under my tongue; it tastes like CRAP, but seems to help.

Due to my unfamiliarity of said oil, and its' legal status, that is all I am going to say about it now. I also eat ginger, and peppermint Altoids, like they are going out of style and rub peppermint and ginger oil on my abdomen.

All of these things seem to help lessen the nausea, but I pray that eventually, I will become accustomed to Bosilif, and will no longer feel as though I am pregnant, with all day sickness.
I otherwise feel pretty darn good, and feel as though my pleural effusion is finally winding down; I have more energy, and less puffiness; all good things.

Have any great tips to share? Please leave in the comments below; together, we will all find our way.

Here's to riding the Bosulif train!

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