Paris, France: Day Three

Welp, looks like I just had too much fun yesterday! Did not leave the room until 5 pm. We had plans to go to the Rodin Museum, but once I realized that it is closed on Mondays, that was that. No motivation and no energy at all. I am thinking all of this fun has caught up to me, BIG TIME!

Once we left the room, I was happy but sad to discover that our hotel offered complimentary cappuccino, 24/7. Happy I found it today, sad I didn't realize it before now. It was the best cappuccino I have had on this trip.

After slamming two of those down, we headed to the raunchier side of town and walked down to Moulin Rouge. Along the way, we stopped in a chocolate shop which had the most amazing chocolate sculptures of Notre Dame and the Arc de Triumph. They were impeccably recreated in chocolate, every little window, door, and sculpture; truly a work of art.

It was actually nice to stroll through the streets today, as there were not nearly as many people as there have been during the past two days. Walking along the tree-lined street, toward Moulin Rouge was also interesting with all sorts of advertisements from sex shops to table dances to Indian food.

Made from chocolate!

I am sorry we didn't have time to squeeze in a show or see the large windmill at night, but it was still fun to see the landmark that I have seen so many times before in movies and TV shows. I don't know what it is about actually seeing landmarks in person, but it is just so very cool!

have seen quite a few of these upside-down police cars in the city

Moulin Rouge!

It didn't take long before we turned around and headed back toward our hotel, and I was certain that I needed to have a ham and cheese baguette for dinner, as I had yet to have one of my most favorite things in Paris. Once again, I do not know why something so simple is so delicious!

I am leaving France with only one regret, and that is that I was unable to eat all of the things that I wanted to eat while I was here! Too many things with not enough room in my gut; total sadness.....

All in all, we managed to get out and about for about two hours, and I was done. Just too pooped to do anything except pack and hit the bed.

Tomorrow we will be flying to New York where we will spend the night before traveling home to Boise.

It has been an incredible trip with memories to last a lifetime. I encourage each and every one of you to follow your heart and to make your dreams come true.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Thank you for following me on this fabulous journey, and I look forward to hearing about the fulfillment of your dreams.

Bonne Nuit (goodnight)

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