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Prague, Czech: Day Four

yeah, this dude was right outside our window; three stories up!
Today was our last day in Prague. We didn't have a huge agenda, but we thought that we would like to see "Infant Jesus" in the Church of Our Lady Victorious, and the John Lennon wall. It seems that the "Infant Jesus" came to Prague by a Spanish Duchess and has been said to have protected and healed many.

It reminds me of the "Baby Jesus" that was in our home while I was growing up. He had the same clothing and we all loved when our mother allowed us to help change baby Jesus's clothing according to the "season." Today he was dressed in white for Easter, the color of glory, purity, and holiness.


Infant of Prague

Right around the corner was John Lennon's wall, which made me teary eyed. The wall received its' first decoration following the 1980 assassination of John Lennon; it was a single image of John and some lyrics. It has long been painted over, as the graffiti is perpetually changing. Despite the changing images, it continues to symbolize the global ideals of love and peace.

Hard to believe they have only been free for 30 years.

The wall is owned by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, which allows the art to remain. It is across the street from the French Embassy. I am not sure when the "Yellow Submarine Pub" decided to cash in on the popularity of the wall, but they have some pretty great cappuccino!

Looks like a macaroon, but it is a cappuccino! 

Since both of those landmarks were close to our apartment, and it was still early afternoon, we decided to head back to the St. Charles Bridge, to the Astronomical Clock, to see if we could actually see the windows open and the Apostles parade past, on the hour; which we did! I tried to take a video, but being zoomed in makes it all wobbly; boo.

I also learned this from Wikipedia:

"The four figures flanking the clock are set in motion on the hour, and represent four things that were despised at the time of the clock's making. From left to right in the photographs, the first is Vanity, represented by a figure admiring himself in a mirror. Next, the miser holding a bag of gold represents greed or usury. Across the clock stands Death, a skeleton that strikes the time upon the hour. Finally, there is a figure representing lust and earthly pleasures. On the hour, the skeleton rings the bell and immediately all other figures shake their heads, side to side, signifying their unreadiness "to go."

Pretty cool clock, if I do say so myself.

Walking back across the bridge we took our time, enjoying the vendors and the musicians. I did not enjoy the man with the snake! There were one man bands and bands with many players, all were entertaining and so enjoyable to watch. I am really glad that we are not here any later during the year, as it is starting to get hot and crowded. We must be on the cusp of high season; in and out, just in time!

No Bueno!


Crazy lady on bridge wall!

This is how they beg, in Prague: usually with a dog.

After we made it to the end of the bridge, we headed down to the "Budweiser" umbrellas. For those of you that do not know, Joe retired from Anheuser Busch, seven years ago. The Budweiser here is not made by the American company, but he certainly could not leave Prague without trying their "Budweiser"!

I had a DELICIOUS Ginger Lemonade. I just do not know how there are so many different amazing things that I have yet to discover! There was literally a tablespoon of diced ginger in the bottom of my lemonade glass, which I managed to suck up through the straw. It really didn't taste like lemonade, but I was terrific, nonetheless. I drank every drop!
Ginger Lemonade

Since we are leaving early in the morning, (9:30) we started to head to dinner and home. Because we had so many leftovers, we decided to share a pickled cheese and a klobasa (kielbasa) and finish up our leftovers, too.

We spied a church on our way, St. Thomas, which is literally right behind our apartment and thought that we would duck in. What we saw was unlike anything that I have ever seen before. There were several men, young boys, and a young girl removing a purple cloak from a life-sized crucifix.

They were literally unveiling Jesus on the cross and then each one of them took a turn kissing his feet. Then the entire congregation lined up to do the same; today is Good Friday. I have never witnessed this ritual before.

It certainly stops you in your tracks to pray, and to remember; He Will Rise, Hallelujah!

We decided to stop in the place right next door; where we ate last night. We knew that they accepted credit cards, which is a big deal, as we have no transaction fees and it is less expensive to use our card than to exchange money.

Their pickled cheese was my favorite, and it was convenient. When the check came, we told the waiter that we were paying with a card. He said, "No, only cash." We said, "No, we paid with a card, last night." He said, "Don't you have cash?" We said, "No" and I said, "Guess I will wash dishes!"

He returned with the credit card machine; imagine that! Prague has been horrible in that regard. They want cash.

Other than the credit card hiccups, we have loved the city. So much to do and see and we did not even begin to explore the tip of this iceberg!

Paris tomorrow!

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