Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Travel from Brussels to Munich; and the Glockenspiel!

 I will certainly miss Brussels, and the Hilton, right at Central Station. If you ever stay in Brussels, I highly recommend this hotel, for its location and ease of travel.

We simply walked across the plaza, into the train station, bought tickets, hopped on a train, and made it to Brussels airport in 30 minutes. So, so easy.

It is huge, and I was grateful for the wheelchair, as my back has been "warning" me! To not have to carry my backpack, all that way, was a blessing. The airport was not crowded at all, and it is beautiful!
Most of the airports in Europe look like our indoor malls, in America. I do not know whether or not people actually shop in them, or not, but you can find anything, at the airport.

The flight was quick, just over an hour, and once again, EXTREMELY grateful for the wheelchair. The gentleman that picked me up not only brought me to baggage, but to the train station, helped us buy a ticket, and literally wheeled me directly to the train that arrived one minute after we got to the platform. He was a lifesaver, and we tipped him well!

Once we got to our stop, we walked a short distance to our hotel, courtesy of Capital One Points. It is the Munchen Palace, and it is fabulous! They had the nicest welcome treats, a bowl of fruit, and a minibar that gets stocked, for free, every day!

A bathtub, robe, and slippers! And to top it off, the staff is so very kind and helpful, and who doesn't love turndown service with chocolate? We are going to love our four-night stay here.

We decided to hop back on the metro and go a few stops to the Ratskeller Restaurant for dinner, near St. Peter's Cathedral. When I came out of the Metro the first thing I saw was the Glockenspiel! It was amazing, and I had no idea it was right there!

We will have to go back, on the hour.

Dinner was pretty darn good, but not the best we have had thus far; we are always searching for better than the best!

It seems like Munich is going to be a great place to visit.

Night y'all!

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