Berlin to Amsterdam!

I think that we are all going to miss our little apartment, in our little neighborhood when we leave Berlin. It was so wonderful to return to a quiet neighborhood after tourist-ing all day.

Before leaving, Joe and I had a fabulous acai-type bowl for breakfast.

We headed to the airport in an Uber and got caught in a traffic jam, not that it really mattered as we had plenty of time. We were booked on an Easy Jet flight, and they were pretty great! Our special assistant from check-in to the gate was actually from Los Angeles but had been living in Berlin for more than 35 years. It was great chatting with him as he whisked us through security.

The best part of wheelchair assistance is staying away from the masses of people, as all of the passengers are typically bussed out to the plane. Instead, they took us on and off in a separate bus, which is great.
Upon arrival in Amsterdam, we figured out how to take the train, then the metro, and walk two blocks to our hotel, which was pretty easy. The first thing I noticed was that where we are, in the Pijp District, it is very dirty!

And watch out for the cars, and more importantly the bicycles! They zip around these narrow streets, very fast.

The best part thus far is our room and the hotel Sir Albert Amsterdam; our window looks right out onto the canal; so cool!

After a little stroll, we settled on Shoarma for dinner; it was very good, but too much meat for me!
Off to bed, I am whooped.

Night y'all!

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