Off the Cruise Ship, Off to Berlin!

The great things about cruising are seeing many places without having to pack and unpack, and meeting mostly, delightful people. We are going to miss our dinner waiter, Georgi immensely, and our room steward Paul. They did such a fabulous job taking care of us, while also becoming friends.

The worst part of cruising is the day you get off! In Dover, they started disembarkation at 5:30 am!! This means the captain starts yammering on just before 5 am and continues for the next two and a half hours. No sleep for the wicked, which makes for a VERY LONG travel day.

On the upside, we were able to walk off of the ship alone, at 8 am, avoiding the throngs of people. We were able to get a Taxi rather quickly to the train station in Dover and walked right onto the train. We had a transfer at Victoria Station, and then one more transfer at Tottenham Hale and we were on our way to Stanstead.

Now THAT is an airport without comfort in mind. We quickly checked our bags with Ryan Air (yes, I know the risk) and grabbed a few wheelchairs for the long trek to what we thought would be the gate. The guys were able to push us along the purple line which allowed us to quickly get through security without standing in line with hundreds of people.

Once through security, there is what seems to be a holding pen; a place where everyone waits to see what their boarding gate will be. There are some wooden benches and a low metal bench near the windows, but most people had to stand; for HOURS!

We had lunch which was a blessing and found a quiet place to wait until our gate was announced an hour before our flight. Once again, because we had wheelchairs, we didn't have to stand and board among the masses.

Miraculously, we took off on time and arrived in Berlin safely. We hopped in a Taxi and it brought us to our lovely Air BnB. It is perfect in every way! and the "kid" that checked us in, Mateo, was not only adorable, but he also spoke perfect English and was so helpful.

While Cindy and I were talking with Mateo, the guys walked across the street and got a few beers and some dinner. They didn't have "take away," so they came over, got some plates from the apartment, and brought us a bratwurst and some German potato salad; it was delicious!

We called in an early night, and all hit the sack; I was absolutely exhausted. I know tomorrow will be a better day!

Night, y'all!

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