Nothing Like a Few Fresh Peaches, Flowers, Hummingbirds and the Garden to Cheer up My Mood!

So, this mornings’ post was not written with a very positive attitude. I haven’t been feeling well and I am just growing weary. I guess that I am just going to have to accept the fact that I am being challenged and that my health isn't the same as it used to be.

The sun is shining and it looks like a beautiful day; I have to water the garden so I drag my butt out to the back yard. The very first thing that I hear is the chirping birds. They must have condominiums of nests in our trees because I can hear so many different little chirps from all of the babies. There are butterflies flitting here and there amongst the flowers and the tomatillos have doubled overnight. Walking through the garden takes me forever, as I have to stop and sample the snap peas, attempt to count the tomatoes, marvel at the brussel sprouts and finally pick and eat a peach. It is warm and sweet and smells so good. The sun is warm and the air is cool; a perfect combination.

With my mood already lifted, I mosey on to the front yard. I am immediately greeted by my very friendly, favorite hummingbird. This little guy greets me every morning when I open the curtains or step outside. He is so adorable; he literally flies right up to the window if I am inside or right up to my face if I am outside. He hovers for close to a minute, about six inches from my face, before flitting away. He also lets me know if his feeder is empty, he is a tenacious little guy and always brings a smile to my face. I guess that the next time I am in a cranky mood; I shall just take a walk outdoors and marvel at the miracles around me.


  1. Put me in your pocket for your next walk around the garden Michele! There used to be a fruit orchard at my Grandparent's home, but now, it's still flowers, but no more cherries, apples, persimmons, raspberries! I would love to walk out and pick off a peach! A wonderful "uplift" to what could have been an abysmal day! Love your hummingbird and Gladiola too! Sounds like nature alone can be a pretty healthy cure... hang in there, and - as always, keep dancing! In a few months, many of us will be doing "THE HAPPY DANCE" with you when you are in full remission! Love to you - Julia

  2. oh, Julia...if only that comes true! To be in remission in a few months would be a dream!!


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