Friday, May 20, 2011

Five Days on 100 mg of Sprycel; Is This Why My Hair is Falling Out?

Cancer patients are cracked in the head!
Well, it has now been five days since increasing my medication of Sprycel. The only real difference that I have noticed is an increased fatigue and hair loss. The hair loss could be from the chemotherapy that I received six weeks ago or the combination of both.  It hasn't started falling out in handfuls, but falls out more and more every day. At this point, I wish it would just make up its’ mind; either all fall out or just stop.  This little bit here and little bit there is really annoying! I feel like a shedding puppy.

Seems as though the increase hasn’t negatively affected my blood count; at least not yet. I believe that the Neupogen has helped to increase my white blood cells to the highest that they have been since being diagnosed with leukemia. The white cells are a whopping 9,100….whoop, whoop! The reds are still low at 3,760 and the platelets are in the normal range at 167,000. What will another week bring?

Tonight is our regular Country 2 Step dance lessons at The Borderline. I also have a private lesson with Joe to begin to get ready for LAPD; Los Angeles Dance Premier. We compete on April 9, 2011. While I understand that many of you will think that I have rocks in my head, I need to do this for myself. I need to do it to prove that this dag-on cancer hasn’t gotten the best of me and that I am not going to let it! This competition will not be against the other competitors; this one will be against the leukemia.

Typically we dance eight dances.  This competition we will be leaving out the most strenuous dances, so that I will not have to be peeled off of the dance floor. Considering how little we have danced this year and how wobbly and weak I am; this is going to be a huge challenge. My goal; Compete in five dances and do the very best that I can. I have three one hour practices to pull it together.  Hopefully I will still have enough hair on my head so that we won’t have to stone it!


  1. So, you WERE on 140, dropped to 70 while you were waiting for 100's, I have missed something, I thought it was decided even 70 was too much... Did I miss a day? I try to keep up daily! At any rate, sorry if I missed out, but I hope you're doing ok at 100, always keep you in Prayer...
    XOXO Julia

  2. No Julia, I don't think that you missed a thing; and yes, so it appeared that 70 was too much for me, but my doc is still insisting that she wants me on 100's. I guess that time will tell.


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