Friday, May 13, 2011

Dasatinib (Sprycel) Dosage Cut in Half; Results

Last week my new doctor changed my dosage of Sprycel from 140 mg daily to 100 mg daily. Being that Sprycel would cost me over $8,000 per month with my insurance, I have been fortunate enough for Destination Access, a patient assistant program, to supply my medications for me; for now. Of course I have a half a bottle of 70 mg tablets currently lurking in my medicine chest. I asked/told my doctor that I would like to take the 70 mg tablets until the 100’s arrived. She reluctantly agreed.

Fortunate for me, the medical staff was obviously unaware of this program, as I still have not received the 100 mg tablets. I talk to Amber, at Destination Access, every day and it seems that every time she receives the form that she needs, which includes my prescription, it is incomplete, there is either; something missing, it’s signed by the wrong individual or the dosage is not on the form. While it is frustrating, since the meds are my current lifeline, it works for me, as I will be taking the 70 mg dose until my prescription new arrives.
I have to say that I have had more energy and been able to do more since my dosage has been cut in half. I am hoping that my blood results are still within reason and that my white cells have not increased above the normal range. I will be getting my blood drawn at a lab close to home and the results will be sent to my doctor. This is a common procedure and I am hoping that I will receive them later today.

Fast forward; it has taken six hours and four phone calls to get my results. I find it so annoying that the gal that answers the phone, and confirms that they have received my test results, cannot tell me what they are. My test results are MINE and I want to know what they are. I finally call for the fourth time, state that I am not hanging up until I know, and get the results. Once again, I know that this is routine for them; but don’t they know that I have an experiment going on here? Even if it is only in my own little world; in my own little corner, in my own little chair?


1.     White Blood Count; 4,100 down from the previous week.
2.     Red Blood Count; 3,300 also down from last week and below normal.
3.     Platelets; 18,600 up and back in the normal range. Hopefully no more bruises!

So, I am not sure where that leaves me, but it seems as though cutting my meds in half did not allow an increase, but created a continual decrease in my red and white blood cells. Maybe I was right and I don’t need as high a dose as I have been prescribed. Since I still do not have the new prescription, I am hoping to stay on the 70’s for at least one more week. I plan to discuss this with my doctor in more detail during my next visit.


  1. hey princess- you keep asking questions and keep educating yourself.....this is YOUR is thier "job" and they are managing many people going thru disease processes and may not be as well informed on some meds or stats as you have become!!
    luv u jill

  2. I must agree with your friend, QUESTION everything, it's the only way "we" can have some control, AND you are educating yourself, so you know what questions to ask, and - sort of what the answers should be 'within a range' anyway... Love you! Julia


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