Here We Go Again; 10 Days on 100 mg of Dasatinib(Sprycel)

Me! Wasn't even cranky in all of that snow!
So is it really too much to ask to just stabilize my blood for a week or two? Last week my white cells were good and strong; 9,100 of those little suckers! I am sure that it was because of the boost that I got from the Neuprogen, but wouldn’t it be nice if they just stayed there?

But wait, I increased my dosage of Sprycel from 70 mg to 100 mg even though I had extremely low blood counts on 70 mg. Seems as though I am headed downwards again; white cells 4,500, red cells 3,560 and platelets 187,000. Don’t they know that I only have two practices left before I compete at LAPD (Los Angeles Dance Premiere)? I can’t be tired and dragging ass; I have things to do, places to go, dances to dance and people to see. This leukemia was not on my list and it is really starting to screw with the things that were.

I will see my current doctor one more time and if I do not get the answers that I am looking for or feel 100 percent content, I will seek a third opinion. I truly feel that if you are not happy with your current physician, no matter the reason, then you should seek until you find one that fits your bill. If you are dealing with lifelong treatment, this is especially important.  I think I sound a bit cranky today!


  1. Vent anytime!! You have a right to have a physician you can trust, talk to, that will LISTEN to you! This is your LIFE you are talking about!! But I notice -- you were still thinking ahead - to DANCING! <3 <3 Sending you love and prayers! XOXO Always, Julia


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