Monday, June 5, 2017

Packing!! Don’t forget…..

I have always been a “packer”; I never liked to be caught “off-guard”,  and always want to be prepared. Up until I was diagnosed with CML, that usually meant clothes, shoes, hair goodies and
jewelry! An outfit for every occasion and extra, just in case…

Now it means that not only do I need “comfortable” clothing, so that I am not too hot, or heaven forbid too cold, it also means that I need to take measures to make sure that I can cool myself down, or warm myself up.

Warming up is usually pretty easy; a pair of tights and a sweatshirt usually do the trick; even when traveling in the summertime. My pillow and blanket are essentials, as well; especially when flying. Keeping cool is sometimes more difficult; ever since I have been on Sprycel, my tolerance for heat and direct sunlight are minimal. I always have a Hydroflask, full of ice cold water on hand to stay hydrated, my Frog Tog Chilly Pad to cool me down, and for long walks in the sun; an umbrella and a hat. Sunscreen is optional for me, as I stay pretty well covered up.

So, as far as clothing goes, now the priority is; is it comfortable and how much will it wrinkle? And do I have enough to get me to the next place, where I can wash clothes! Will I have enough, but not too much?  I am also going to try the rolled method; supposedly less wrinkles, more room! Lol

Foot wear! Comfortable shoes that are already broken in and Uggs for the plane!

Next comes everything regarding CML; not that I plan on dwelling on the fact that I have cancer, but I do want to be prepared, considering we will be out of the country for longer than a month, and that I having been dealing with some pretty serious pleural effusion issues, for the better part of this year.

Of course I needed to make sure I had more than enough medication for my CML, and then I had to
pack all of the medications, “just in case” this, that, or the other side effect decided to flare up. I asked my doctor for something to help me sleep on the long flight over (very scary, don’t-know if I will take it), and then I went through the list of other medications that I typically have on hand, to combat side effects; it goes something like this: Baclofen for muscle spasms, along with Voltaren Gel and Lidocaine patches, Acyclovir for mouth sores, along with OralGel, Advair and Allbuterol for breathing issues, along with Nystatin in case of thrush, a broad spectrum antibiotic,  Levothyroxine for thyroid, Meclazine for nausea, anti- diarrhea, allergy meds,  Ibuprofen and over the counter sleep aid! These, of course, are always carried on the plane, with a small supply,  in my purse,  as back-up.

Of course,  that doesn’t include all of my oils; which I always try first. There are eight of those!

I also travel with a heating pad for my back and hips; and for this trip I remembered to get an adapter for Europe. We packed all of our chargers, a camera, an adapter to put photos onto the iPad, our dumb phone, passports, snacks, books and of course a yarn project!lol One must also remember to pack earplugs, headphones and an eye mask.

Another really cool thing that I bought is a keyboard to go with my iPad!! It is like the best thing EVER!!!

I am SO bad at touch typing, so I am praying that I will be able to keep tabs on our trip, for anyone that cares, and for my own memory! Lol

Since I booked major travel, I requested a wheelchair, and as usual, when I called to confirm, it wasn’t listed; surprised? Me, neither…always good to double and triple check. I am pretty good at walking at my own pace, but no need to wear myself out standing in long security lines.

That being said, if it is not packed at this point, it will be bought along the way. Oncologist next, and then Bon voyage!

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