Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Leaving Rome and Getting on the Ship!

Leaving Rome and Getting on the Ship!
Our first experience of renting an apartment, internationally, was great! The two bedroom, two bath apartment was extremely clean and large enough for the four of us. We were able to make breakfast in the morning before leaving for the ship and since we had arranged for one of the shuttle guys to pick us up, and take us to the ship, we were able to leave our suitcases, in the apartment while the owner, and his mother cleaned the apartment, in order to get ready for the new arrivals, later that day, until the driver showed up. Carla and Luca were great hosts.

It is nearly an our from Rome to the cruise port, so if you are planning a European cruise, out of “Rome”, be prepared for a BIG cab fare; it was $140 euros for the four of us to be picked up at our apartment and dropped at the entrance of the cruise ship; worth every penny, in my opinion; to me and especially to my feet and legs, which are still horrible looking and feeling. I believe that the arnica is helping somewhat, and I really am going to try and stay off of them as much as I can.
On our drive, Cindy and I arranged for our shuttle driver, Antonio, to pick us up after the cruise, and take us to our hotel, at the Fumiciano Airport, and then into Rome, to see the Colluseum. It was on this ride that Joe and I realized that we are flying out of the other airport in Rome! Campiano,,NOT Fumciano, which is Not good! Lol Huge mistake on my part; I am not entirely sure how I let this slip by me, and I am not sure how we are going to fix this yet, but I think we will just stay at the hotel in Fumiciano, and then taxi to the other airport in the morning; our driver said that it was about thirty minutes away, but with limited internet,  I don’t think we are going to have much choice. Oy! Live and learn!

Any way, we got to the ship, and I asked for a wheelchair right out the gate; and they brought it! They wheeled us right up to the person checking passports and right to our room. At some point we noticed that not only were my legs still red, but that my left foot had a bunch of fluid pooled on the top of it; ThiS was enough for me to stay off my feet for the rest of the day, and tomorrow, too!

I called for a wheelchair to take me to dinner, and to bring me back to the room; I stayed in bed and put arnica on my foot and legs several times before a fitful night of sleep. I the morning the swelling had gone down some, but not entirely, so I continued to request a wheelchair to take me upstairs for lunch, then I walked right out on the deck in the shade.
I brought my knitting, a book and cards with me and was prepared to stay put, with the exception of bathroom breaks, for the day. I was a good girl, and the swelling has gone down considerably, and the redness is beginning to fade a bit.
We had a great time playing cards (hearts) all afternoon, and a lovely dinner at a French restaurant; I had lamb, onion soup, asparagus, a salad and crème” brûlée” ; it was fabulous! We even made it to a lounge for a little while, which was also nice.
I am not used to being an invalid, and by now I would be familiar with every inch of this ship, but thus far, I only know a very small portion. On the upside, I believe my diligence, in not walking around had paid off, and I am praying that I will be doing well enough, in the morning, to enjoy Dubrivnik! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.


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