Last Full Day in Lyon!

I give credit to our hotel, “Cour de Loge” for so many wonderful nights’ sleep; they wear you out during the day, with fabulous walking itineraries, and then provide you with an awesomely, comfortable bed, with sheets just as luscious as we have at home. Between the being exhausted and my Sprycel break, I have really been sleeping well. The joy of no nerve pain in my hands, and no bone pain has been wonderful; but is about to come to an end.

I believe that once we get to Rome (tomorrow), that I should start taking my sprycel again. It has been a little over a week since I have been off, and while that party is over, I intend to keeping on having the traveling around Europe party, DESPITE my life saving medication, joining me. Amen to that! I am grateful to be alive and I have Sprycel to thank for that, so, it is time it joined me on my trip!

Today we went to a roof top garden, next door to our hotel; it was a lovely garden and according to our concierge, few even know it exists. There is a Marionette Puppet Museum below it, but apparently few people wander up to the café, and visit the gardens. We love seeing gardens and ideas to bring home.

After that short little jaunt, we did something a little out of the ordinary; we went to a actual puppet show; in French! Lol The name of the show was Guignol Dentiste; half of the theater, (about 120 seats) were children on some sort of a field trip,; the other half were tourists, like us, although most of them understood and spoke French.

When we first got into the small theater it was fairly cool, but as people started pouring in (out of the rain), it began to get hot, and I began to overheat; I honestly thought we were going to have to leave as I started getting really woozy, and faint feeling. Thank goodness Joe remembered that we had packed the second chilly pad, in the back-pack, so he quickly pulled it out and put it on my legs; Thank God I bean to cool down and was able to enjoy the show. I swear I would be lost without those silly cool cloths!

Listening to the children interact, in French with the “main” puppet was adorable! It was interesting that even though we could only pick out a few words here and there, we totally understood what was going on. The plot was basically about a man, that had angered his wife; she threw bedding, a pillow and a blanket out of her window, to the street for him to sleep. A “bum” woke him up, and he hit him with a stick and knocked out a tooth. Apparently the tooth had been a problem, so he was very grateful and set up a Dentiste “shingle” advertising that he was a dentist.

The dentiste began getting a variety of “customer”, ranging from an alligator, to a chicken, to a clown, but because he wasn’t really a dentist, the “popo” arrived and ran him out of business. It was really cute, and an enjoyable send off, to Rome.

Afterwards, we did a bit more strolling and ran into what we figured was a photo shoot; in front  of Saint Jean Shurch; it was interesting! Lol

 Then we we whopped, needing our afternoon break and went  back to our room and had “lunch”; a prosciutto, Parmesan and some sort of soft  cheese (not goat), and sun-dried tomato sandwich, in the gardens right outside our room; it was lovely! We enjoyed it with a glass of wine we had purchased a few days ago.

I had always thought that everything would be really expensive in France, but we have not found that to be the case. Those most. Awesome, most delicious, most amazing sandwiches that we have been eating for the past week, plus,  have all been about 3.5 euros, probably $4.35. Our morning breakfast, that the croissant fairy has figured out to buy the night before, so he can lounge, too, and any where from .60-1.5 euros. Dinners at night are around 10-15 euros, so, in my opinion, ver affordable, and the quality vs the cost is truly unbelievable; we just keep eating and shaking our head!

After lunch we decided to have a scoop of Glace; a friend told me to try the lavender, so when I saw the Violet, I thought, well that is A purple flower, must be it; it was like nothing I had ever eat me, and SO tasty. It was creamy, we a floral flavor; that is the only way I can describe it and I am going to have one more tomorrow before leaving for Rome!

It wasn’t until later, after dinner, when I was getting my Menthe de Chocolatte, that I saw the real lavender! I asked for a taste, and it was good, but not as good as the violette; it tasted exactly like lavender, if you can imagine that!

This evening we wandered over to the other side of the Soane again, and walked to the Roane; we stepped into a church, where they were actually saying mass and were quite surprised to see and alter “man” in shorts, on the alter with the priest! Only in Lyon!

The area that we were in was quite “metropolitan” in my eyes; much more hustle and bustle, but still very quaint, historical, and charming, yet more trendy and a touch more “modern”. I am so very glad that our “home” was where it was, although I am glad that we venture to so many different areas of Lyon.

I could easily have stayed here another week; but tomorrow, late afternoon, we are off on yet another adventure in Rome, and God willing, that the Italians do not strike on Friday, our friends will be joining us, from Denver.
It has been an utter pleasure, visiting Lyon and Paris, France; better than I could have ever dreamed and I feel so blessed to have been able to experience this culture. And embark on this journey.


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