Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sprycel (Dasatinib) at Night Seems to Help Alleviate the Afternoon Yuckies!

And now I think I am Batwoman!

Maybe it is a coincidence, or maybe we are onto something here. Five days ago I started taking my Sprycel at night, before I went to bed, instead of in the morning. I began taking Sprycel in the morning from the very beginning. I am not really sure why, but I suppose it was because it just seemed like the “natural” thing to do. Get up in the morning, brush my teeth, make a cup of tea and a piece of toast, and then take my Sprycel, when the alarm I set on my phone went off. Routine, natural; just like my vitamins.

Every day since I began taking the Sprycel I would start the day off feeling relatively well. As the day progressed I began to fade and started feeling crappy. This crappy feeling was intensified by the summer heat, so I began to stay inside in the air conditioning. Staying inside helped, but I still often either needed to just sit and relax, or even take a nap. After dinner, around seven or eight o’clock at night, I would begin to feel a bit better.

I have now been taking the Sprycel at ten o’clock at night, right before bed and I am feeling better, with a bit more energy during the day. My theory is that I am sleeping through the “crappy” feeling. I do not know whether or not this trend will continue; or whether or not this is just a coincidence, but for now I am very grateful to have a bit more energy throughout the day.

It seems as though sometimes the simplest adjustments can make a huge difference. It amazes me that medical professionals do not know these little tips and tricks. I am sure that I am not the only patient on Sprycel who is suffering from side effects, and if taking the drug at a different time during the day helps to minimally alleviate any portion of these side effects then why in the world wasn’t this suggested. I will be telling my doctor on my next visit and with any luck, he will pass this “suggestion” on to other patients that are suffering from the afternoon yuckies. I will also keep you posted on my very optimistic, yet slight, improvement. I will take what I can get!

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  1. Many times in life, "tweeking" something that might seem small can make a huge difference... Glad you discovered this one Michele! I am opposite you, taking "every day things" (like vitamins) is a 'bedtime' thing for me, perhaps Dr.'s "should" tell a more specific time! Always tell your Dr. is you even "think" you have discovered a newer, or easier way - with anything, we owe it to other people to "spread" the word, tell the Dr... I know my nurse practitioner appreciates feedback like this! Thank you for yet another chapter in your life, I keep reading, knowing at some point, it will all be a moot point, since you'll reach your "all clear" soon, and zoom through those cancerversaries at rapid pace, 5 years OUT from dx is right around the corner! I say, Let the Party begin! Soon! Let us all raise a glass soon to celebrate you hearing the word 'Remission' from your oncologist!
    Love to you, Julia zozo


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