Niagara Falls

When in Buffalo, New York, you must take a trip over the border, to Canada to see the falls from their side! Don't get me wrong, the American side is pretty darn impressive, but the Horseshoe Falls is spectacular!

On the way, we stopped at DiBella's Subs. Their subs are amazing and it is no surprise that they have been around for nearly 100 years. I don't know what they do to their bread, but it truly is amazing; maybe it is the 16 hours of aging, before baking that makes it so good. It seems that the further east you go, the better the bread gets! lol We had the Uncle Louie on sesame bread, and it was yummy!

Twenty miles down the road and we were in another country watching water fall over cliffs. We parked at Table Rock ($20) and headed to the bridge, to cross the street to the falls. Of course, the wind was blowing mist everywhere and I was amazed at how cloud after cloud was forming over the falls. You could literally see the clouds forming and I thought what a great opportunity for kids to witness science in action.

We knew from driving in that we would have to buy a poncho in order to stay dry. While we were wandering around the gift shop, I saw yellow ponchos sticking out of a trash can and yes, you guessed it: it didn't take me long to pull two of them out of the trash and head to the falls! Not only was I saving money, but I was also saving the environment. So if you ever visit the falls and want to save a few bucks, check the trash cans before purchasing a throw-away poncho.

Once we crossed the street, the mist was almost like rain, and the most stunning rainbow was hanging over the falls. The rush of the water roared, and the mist on my face made me smile!

Standing there with the power of the water crashing down makes you feel really small. Of course, I took a photo under the rainbow and when I later shared it with my daughter, we discovered that we were both standing under rainbows at the same time; she was in Hawaii and I was in Canada. How cool is that?

After enjoying the falls, we took a walk through the park and marveled that it was still gree, and warm. We so expected it to be cold and dreary. Eventually, we headed back to the car and were amazed that the mist had almost completely ceased to exist. I guess it was the wind that created all of that "rain" earlier, but I was happy to see that the rainbow was still there.

Driving in and out of Canada was a breeze, but I thought that it was interesting how many more questions the Canadians ask when entering their country compared to the few questions asked when entering ours.

I am grateful that we were able to see the falls and enjoy their beauty.

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