Botanical Gardens: Chocolate Factory

Last Day in Buffalo; Then on to Scranton

Our last day in Buffalo had me moving slowly; we didn't get out of the room before 2 pm. I am grateful that I have finally accepted the fact that I just cannot go like I used to, and also that Joe is patient enough to wait until I am ready.

We decided to go to Platter's chocolate factory and the Botanical Gardens. We figured neither would take too much effort!

The chocolate factory had large plate glass windows where you could view their chocolate-making process, which is always interesting to me; they weren't too busy, so, unfortunately, it was not nearly as interesting as I had hoped.

Since Ginger had already given me my "special" box of Orange chocolate, I decided to buy one for my Aunt Helen, who is soon to be 95 and LOVES chocolate!

We picked up a few other treats and some really great coffee, which I hoped would give me some pep in my step for the Botanical Gardens.

Arriving at the Botanical Gardens felt magical! The Victorian-style buildings that the plants call home are absolutely stunning; they were opened in 1900, and their architectural style was based on the famous Crystal Palace in England. It is a national historic site, education center, and tourist destination.

I loved the dome and all of the glass and I have decided that I have officially become "one of those old people";  as I thoroughly enjoyed walking around looking at PLANTS!

The most fascinating plant, to me, was the Curry plant; it literally smelled exactly like curry, and if I am 100% honest, I can tell you that it tasted like curry, too! Shhhh...don't tell! lol

And then there were the koi fish. They were spectacular! And oh so friendly. I just loved the way that they followed us, as we meandered from one side of the pond to the other. I could have watched them for hours. They were all so unique in shape, size, color, and fins.

I think that my favorite plants were the orchids. There were so many different varieties in bloom; all spectacular. They even have a Corpse Flower; which was not in bloom. Interestingly enough, they only bloom every 7-10 years.

We spent about an hour walking through the various collections, and I was glad that it was not any larger, as, for one reason or another, I am just really tired.

I am grateful for the small adventure, and that I have just enough energy to get ready to head to Scranton in the morning.

After a good night's sleep, we decided to take the backroads to Scranton. We figured the drive would be much prettier and enjoyed the countryside and the rain. When we finally got to our hotel, the very first thing that I noticed was the brochure, from guess where?

Yup, the EXACT same Botanical Gardens that we just enjoyed. The irony of two people, being in Buffalo at the Botanical Gardens, and then in a small EconoLodge in Clarks Summit was pretty amusing. I wondered if they enjoyed the gardens as much as we had.

I think I will leave my brochure in the room, too!

We are going to be visiting family while we are here, so I am hoping that a good night's sleep will perk me up!

Blessings to all.

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