Monday, April 2, 2012

Health Time Capsule

If I were to create a health time capsule that would not be opened until the year 2112, it would contain actual photographs, documents and literature. Who knows how people will be communicating and what technology will be available 100 years from now; hopefully tangible as it follows my joutneye pieces of paper and photographs will be timeless.

The photographs would be of me, and my family. I would want to put a face, which the person opening my time capsule, could relate to. I would want them to see me, and my inspiration for battling chronic myelogenous leukemia.

I would include an explanation of CML and explain that it is a blood cancer. I would also let them know how fortunate I was that medical technology was able to isolate the cause of my particular type of cancer, and that they were able to “control” my CML with medication; a very expensive medication.

I would include medical documents explaining the cancer, its treatments and its complications. I would also include a personal note, allowing them to see and compare how different our lives probably are. I would also include a printed copy of my blog: as it follows m journey from diagnosis to the present; of course all of this would be wrapped together with an orange ribbon, since orange is the color that represents leukemia.

Hopefully whoever found my time capsule would wonder what it was like to have an illness that could not be cured, because CML would be a cancer of the past. It would be simply treated and cured and no longer be a threat to some one’s life.

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