Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Cruisin', On a Sunday Afternoon

I think that the past five days have flown by in a blur. I will have to read my own blog in order to see whether or not I had a good time! lol

I didn't sleep well last night, again, due to nausea. Sometimes I really hate Bosulif, but I must remind myself that it keeps me alive so that I am able to travel and do the things I love.

We had noon check out, so there was no rush, but we also had a cab arriving at 11::30 am to take us to the port. It was a very short ride and the cruise line was not too crowded, so it didn't take us long to drop off our luggage, and get wheeled right onto the ship and to the dining room.

We had a table at the back of the ship, right next to a huge window; we had a lovely, very leisurely lunch while waiting to go to our rooms. It was so nice to just relax, with nowhere to be.

My Most favorite Suzanne!
On the way to our room, I saw many pieces of luggage outside of cabin doors. It was then that I realized that I had done a very dumb thing; I had given the ship's luggage handlers both pieces of my luggage, meaning that I had $35,000 worth of medication floating around, somewhere on the ship. This is a huge no-no for me; I always keep my meds with me; always and could not believe I had done such a careless thing.

I kept looking out of our cabin door becoming more and more anxious when our room steward introduced herself and asked if there was anything that I needed. I told her about my luggage and my pills and she said, "I will go and look for your luggage now. It is my number one priority!"

I half believed her and half did not, as I am sure she had other responsibilities. About fifteen minutes had passed when there was a knock on our door. It was Suzanne and she said, "What does your luggage look like? I have everyone looking for it!" I described the bag and off she went. Ten minutes later there was another knock on the door. It was Suzanne, with my luggage! She is now my hero!!
Needless to say, she was the first person that I tipped in Europe! She did not even want to take the money because she said she loved her job and that she loved helping people. She was probably nearly my age and her kids think she is nuts! lol

Once I confirmed that my medication was in my little rolly bag, I proceeded to unpack my things. When I was finished, I lay down on the bed and nothing, not even the Mandatory Fire Drill was going to budge me. Joe attended and I rested. It was short and sweet and after a few hours, I was up to watch the ship pull away from the port. We went up top and I actually had a Pina Colada! Let me tell you, a Pina Colada and a cane are not best friends! lol

After the ship sailed away, it was nearly time for dinner. We went down to the dining room and there was a huge line of disgruntled people. We heard the Maitre'D announcing that the dining room was at full capacity. I was not worried, as we had reservations.

We got some pretty nasty looks and some not very nice comments as we passed through the line and into the dining room. Tip of the day; if you are going on a cruise, make your dinner reservations WAY before you get on the ship! We have reservations for every night.

After dinner we decided to go and get some playing cards from the front deck; they had already told Joe that they didn't have any but,  I really didn't believe that they did not have cards, so I went and asked and was told the same thing. Then Cindy asked, too.

We knew that this was not going to fly as we loved to play cards on sea days, and tomorrow is a sea day.

We were told to try the game room and maybe the Casino. In the game room there was a deck just sitting there, so we confiscated that deck, and continued on our quest. The game that we play, Hand and Foot, requires at least five decks of cards. We didn't bring any because of the weight of five decks, and we were packing for six weeks,  and they have always had them on-board in the past anyway.

We headed to the Casino in search of more cards and had to work our magic. First, we talked to a gal selling lottery tickets at a table; she said no, they didn't have cards, they shred them all, she was very sorry. Then she told us to hang on a minute. She called over Phyllis, and we explained our situation and told what we would like. We chatted a bit about the states and Zimbabwe. (where she was from) She asked what we were playing and we told her and invited her to join us. Once again we were told to hold hang-on and we watched her walk away.

She came back and told us to go right back to the front desk, that there would be five decks of cards waiting for us. She told us to tell them that Phyllis sent us and the assistant director told them to give us the cards! She said if they gave us any trouble at all to come and get her! Let me tell you, Phyllis knows how to get it done! HAHAHA

Don't you know we loved watching the front desk people eat crow?
When at first you do not succeed, try and try again! Sometimes taking no for an answer only means you need to find another way.

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  1. As always "Get er Done!" will work! You are so organized! Have a great time!


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