Mental Mind Meld; A Positive Outlook is a Must!

Do you think that our mental health and emotions create challenges that relate to our condition? I know that I do; I truly believe that an optimistic frame of mind helps our mental health, which in turn helps our bodies to heal. We have all heard the old adage; look better, feel better, right? I believe that that is also; very true.

Think about it, if you look in the mirror and see a bedraggled image looking back at you, you are likely to feel like a bucket of crap; but if you run a brush through your hair and across your teeth, wash your face and put on a smile, you are bound to feel better. Better about yourself because it now appears that you actually care about yourself.

If you do not even bother to attempt to “look” better, then you really are telling yourself that you are simply not worth the effort. And if you are not worth the effort then how in the world is your body going to heal?

And shall we talk about a positive attitude? I have always said that there are two types of people; the ones with a great attitude and the ones with a chip on their shoulder; or should I say, a “boulder on their shoulder”! Imagine them both on the side of the road; with a flat tire. The person with a good attitude gets out of their car, shrugs their shoulders, laughs a bit because they have never changed a tire before, and grabs the jack. Before long, they are back on the road with a story to tell. They are now expert tire changers; they know their friends will be impressed!

The person with the bad attitude gets out of their car, slams their fist into the hood, and kicks the tire. They hobble around, grab the jack and rise up their car. They are so angry that when they remove the lug nuts, they carelessly throw them on the ground; one will never be found. Eventually they replace the tire, with the spare and get back into the car; at this point, they realize that in their rage, the result of kicking the tire is a broken foot; now they can add a trip to the emergency room to their troubles.

Of course, the four lug nuts did not hold and the spare tire went rolling down the road; they were back at square one, plus a few; hence, a bad attitude has a way of allowing a “worst case scenario” to jump in and take the reins! Had they simply changed the tire, they could have avoided a broken foot, a screwed up wheel and tire, and a whole lot of frustration and rage.

I truly believe that optimism lowers our blood pressure and that pessimism raises it; this is a good enough reason to have a positive outlook on life. When coupled with quality of life; optimism wins, hands down.
I believe that we must have faith that we will win our battles with whatever condition that we face, and if we allow ourselves to be brought down by our condition instead, then our condition will gladly take over, and pull us into the abyss.

We must remain hopeful, cheerful and brave. We must continue to have a positive attitude and believe that we are winners; for if we do not believe that we are winners, our battles are already lost.

Here is to great mental health and a positive outlook on life!


  1. thanks for the insight! i'm a cmler too and having some bad times - not physically, but mentally - and my blood pressure is a little high. 'i'll try to get back to my old optimist form :)

    1. Lucas,
      Sometimes it is difficult to see the sunshine when there are so many gray clouds. With each others help, maybe there will be more sun than rain!

  2. Michele, we are so in sync. I was just thinking about this today on the way to a doctor's appointment. I was thinking, "buck up, you've got this, Rachel!" You have a way with words that I appreciate and can relate to. Rachel Thomas

  3. Thank you Rachel, it is nice to know that that someone "gets" me!


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