Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Still Waiting for Bone Marrow Biopsy Results

It will be one week tomorrow since I had my second bone marrow biopsy. I must admit that I am still quite tender at the biopsy site and that I have been extraordinarily tired for the past week. My hip is still bruised, but not nearly as bruised as the IV site in my hand; way to go “Miss Nurse Know-it-All!” I tried to tell her not to put it there and that it wasn't in very well, but as usual I was “poo-poo-ed!” I told Joe that I should have been bossier, he said that I was pretty bossy, and I said; that evidently, I wasn't bossy enough! When will I ever learn?

Oddly enough, I am not too concerned with the results. For the most part I think I am still in denial and that I will shortly wake from this nightmare. I am not a bit apprehensive about the results and am just expecting them to be better than the doctor is hoping for. My blood work on the day of the biopsy was better than it has been in a really long time. My white count was 4,130; my reds were 3,800 and my platelets 211,000; mostly in normal range, despite being at the “lower” end of the spectrum.

Now if I could just regain some energy. I am hoping that as September approaches, the weather will begin to cool, and I will begin to feel better. I don’t think that summer and I cohabitate very well together!

Looking forward to cooler days!


  1. Sprycel is incredibly potent, so I'm betting that you will be 0% FISH and have a rapidly decreasing PCR ratio, especially since you have a stable hematologic response. I've been on Gleevec for almost 5 months and the response is typically slower than Sprycel. I had 5% FISH which is pretty awesome, but Sprycel response should be even better, so you're going to be pleasantly surprised!

  2. I am certainly going to go with your prediction! I am planning on being pleasantly surprised!

  3. And you will. Believe it!


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