On the Ship!

I think I may have left Murphy in London! We woke up this morning, packed our bags, headed to the lobby, and waited about five minutes for a taxi. A short ten-minute drive and we were at the Carnival Pride.

Since I have spent a lot of money cruising with Carnival, I have VIP status (my favorite perk is free laundry service), and fast boarding. We walked right into the terminal, then to the sign-in desk, and right on the ship. I don't think it even took fifteen minutes. It was the fastest I have ever gotten on any cruise ship, anywhere.

We dropped our luggage in our rooms and headed to the Lido Deck to have some lunch. I chose the Iguana Bar which is mostly a taco bar with all of the fixings, including shrimp, beef, and chicken. I like to just put the innards into a bowl and eat it like a salad.

Afterward, we found a cozy little cocoon to settle into and spent the afternoon chatting, reading, and saying Bon Voyage to the kids back home.

Once we sailed off, past the White Cliffs of Dover, we headed to our rooms to relax and get ready for dinner. On our way to dinner, we saw the most amazing sunset!

It was a quiet night and we were all ready for bed.

Cruise ship hack; the walls are magnetic, so bringing some magnetic hooks from home, help to keep one organized while on the ship!

The next day was a sea day, which in my "old age" I have truly begun to appreciate! I used to go, go, go, but now I am finding that a relaxing day at sea is just fine with me!

I slept in late, got up, had a leisurely breakfast/lunch, found another cocoon, and relaxed!

The best part of the day was reading "The Placeholder", by Lynda Wolters, my friend, and fellow blood cancer warrior's first novel. I am enjoying it thoroughly, and can hardly put it down. All of her references to places in Boise, my home of ten years, bring back fond memories, and all of her references to her main character make me worry! I highly recommend reading "The Placeholder" which may now be available on Amazon.

After a lazy day, we had a fancy night on the ship. I didn't bring anything too fancy, as we were limited with a carry-on, but I do have a dress or two. Dinner was amazing, and my lobster tail was cooked perfectly.

After dinner, we did take some "fancy" photos, on the stairs, but the music was playing and I just couldn't stand still! Thanks for the candid shots, Cindy!

We also went to the Comedy show, it was so-so. A few chuckles and it was off to bed.

We will arrive at Holyhead, Wales in the morning.

Night Y'all!

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  1. So glad you’re having a good trip and enjoying The Placeholder 😁 stay safe and be well. ❤️


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