Thursday, August 18, 2022

Liverpool and the Beatles!

And just like that, we are in Liverpool! One of my favorite things about cruising is that it allows you small glimpses into many places, without having to pack and unpack, and lug baggage through security and onto planes and trains. It gives you enough of a taste of the city to decide whether or not you would like to go back and spend more time.

Thus far, I would not intentionally choose to spend any additional time in Holyhead, Wales, Greenock, Scotland, or Belfast, Ireland, but I would not mind spending more time in Liverpool.

This port was close to the city center, and while I missed our local tour guide (taxi driver), I enjoyed just being able to walk around Liverpool, at our leisure. The architecture of the buildings was ornate, as you would expect, and while there were many sculptures, and statues, as one may imagine, The Beatle's bronze was definitely the most popular.

We walked by the area where slaves were brought in from Africa and went into the Slave Museum; this was the difficult part of the day. It is still so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that humans, ever thought that selling other humans was alright.

It seems as though Liverpool dominated the slave trade from the 1740s through 1807, and profited greatly. Liverpool merchants organized more than 5,000 voyages, carrying nearly a million and a half Africans to slavery in the Americas.

They also had a tribute to the working horses of Liverpool. The monument commemorates the 250 years of service of the "working horses."  

All along the water's edge were locks, much like the ones you find in Paris and Prague and I loved all of the darling vendor's vehicles, so old-fashioned and quaint.

As we were walking along the water's edge, we came across the Piermaster's House. It was like stepping back in time, to Liverpool, during the war. I just love seeing how things were. "way back when" and imagine the simplicity, yet hard work that it must've taken to run a household without all of our modern conveniences.

I am not sure what the neon rock cairn is all about, but maybe it has something to do with the Magical Mystery Tour? Nope! It is a sculpture marking the 10th anniversary of Liverpool European Capital of Culture, by Ugo Rondinone, from Sweden.

The shops, candy, barber, and sidewalk cafes were abundant and charming, along with all of the boats down in the water. The overall feel, while a bit touristy, was charming.

Eventually, we came to "The Beatle's Museum" and of course, had to go in. I had no idea that the "kids" started playing together at such a young age, and that John and Paul shared an unusual bond; they both lost their mothers when they were young teenagers.

I also did not know that John, Paul, and George started playing in the basement, of former Beatle's drummer, Pete Best's mother Mona. She turned her basement into the Casbah Coffee Club and enjoyed watching the youngsters draw a crowd.

The building, still owned by the Best family, also contains original artwork by the band and Lennon's first wife, Cynthia.

Remember these awful constumes?

There were a lot of memorabilia, and stories from those who knew them best and I enjoyed learning more about "The Beatles" than I had ever known.

After leaving the museum, we continued our way around to the city center, and passed a carousel, one of my favorite things in life, a black and white world, and many, many more awesome buildings! Without our personal guide, I do not have a clue as to what so many of them are, but I certainly liked looking at them!

We did find a church, another one of my favorite things, "Our Lady and St. Nicholas Church" and went inside. It was surprisingly simple, yet beautiful. And right next to the church, there was a pub! "Ma Boyle's Alehouse and Eatery", so we had to stop for a local beer. Joe orders one and I take a few sips! lol Gotta admit, there have even been a few that I like!

I found this after writing the post:The Liver Bird has been a symbol of the city for over 800 years. It is thought to have originated in 1207 when King John was granted a Royal Charter to register Liverpool as a borough. He needed a unique seal to differentiate documents and sterling from his territory and chose a bird to feature as part of his crest.

While they were finishing their beers, I took a quick walk up the street and found a fabulous street, with another cathedral, a "Queen" building, and a gorgeous street full of outdoor cafes! I could see spending time right in that area.

So much to see, so little time!

The day flew by and we had to head back to the ship, as I had no intention of being left behind.

Unfortunately, I think all of my "fun" has caught up to me as my stomach was not cooperating and I had to miss dinner, but that is ok. I was still able to attend the early show which was full of singing and dancing.

I think after a good night's sleep, I should be ready to go in the morning. Keep your fingers crossed for me.  

Night, y'all!

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