Sunday, October 21, 2018

Turkey Talk in Boston!!

It wasn't too much later that we figured we should try and get some sleep; of course, Joe was out like a light almost immediately, but I tossed and turned until about six am; which is never fun. I am guessing I was probably just too excited to be here, to fall asleep.

Sooo, despite being tired,  I am going to "buck up, buttercup" and let my joy at being with family, fill my tank; with joy in my heart!

While we were getting dressed for the day, in the upstairs bedroom, we heard a strange noise; we looked out the window and saw a TURKEY pecking at our rental car! I am sure that he saw himself,  and thought that he saw an enemy, but fortunately for us, his flock came and corraled him before he did any damage. 

Once downstairs, my auntie made a delicious asparagus frittata and the best bacon ever! I don't usually eat breakfast, but this was too good to pass up. 

I know that they had high hopes of taking us for a walk on the beach, but God interfered with their plan, on my behalf, and sent rain. I was the perfect excuse to sit and visit, and listen to the rain, ALL day! For me, it was perfect!

Sitting on the screened in porch, listening to the rain is a calming, cleansing experience.....the smells and sounds of rain, bring peace to my soul. 

Spending this time with my aunt and uncle is very special to me. My uncle is my mother's youngest brother, and he and my aunt and I share a very special bond created by our cumulative love, admiration and deep sorrow from the loss of my mother. We all loved her immensly and miss her terribly; it is comforting to me, to be surrounded by people that feel her loss as much as I do. 

This trip was a trip that she so wanted to be well enough to take. Once she passed away, I knew that I would make this trip in her honour. I am sure she is here in spirit!

Tomorrow, we head to Pennsylvania, to visit a great aunt and cousins that I have not seen in decades; I am very excited to be seeing family, that has always been close at heart, yet, far away in miles. So I had better head to bed, and hope to get some sleep tonight.

What a glorious time we have had. I cannot thank my aunt, uncle and cousin enough for their love, their hospitality, their stories and most importantly, their love.

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