Drive to Scranton!

After a good night's sleep, a lovely breakfast and a brief visit with my aunt and uncle, we got into the turkey pecked car, and headed to Pennsylvania. I was born in Scranton, although I did not live there very long, however, I do still have another aunt and cousins in the area that I have not seen in a long, long time. I am anxious to reconnect with them and to give them all a great big hug!

The drive to Scranton was full of sights that we do not normally see; lots of hills, trees, old farmhouses and barns. We were also enjoying a bit of fall foliage, although most of the trees were still green. Luckily, it was an overcast day, so there was no sun on our face, and very little traffic.

My uncle suggested a great place for dinner on our way, so we stopped in Port Jervis, at The Grill, and had a nice, relaxing dinner. Since I was already tired, and a bit wore out, I ordered comfort food; a Thanksgiving Panini. It was SO good and hit the spot! If you are ever in the Port Jervis area, I highly recommend it.

Once we were back on the road, it wasn't long before we were crawling. Apparently, there had been an accident on the road, while we were eating dinner. I felt fortunate to have been behind it, as opposed to in it. 

Eventually, we made our way to the Econolodge, in Clarks Summit. Now, keep in mind that I am saving pennies so that we will be able to go to Europe in March, and stay a bit longer than we did last time! 

I booked this trip six months ago, through Choice Hotels; something sort of like, but in my opinion, much better prices. Of course, since I was pinching pennies, I went for the pay now, no refund price which was shockingly low; like $154 for three nights, including all taxes and fees.

The guy that checked me in was like, "WOW! You got a great price!" I replied, "I know!" Lol

Of course, my great price was at the bottom of the barrel type room, so I had to cajole my way into a room with a tub, and a room with a "balcony!" Hahahaha....The "balcony was on the second floor, and overlooked a small stream that ran into a culvert! Lol BUT the tub was deep and the water was hot!

There was a refrigerator, a microwave, a table and chairs, a desk and a king sized bed; there was also a hole in the wall and the wimpiest blanket you have ever seen! (I did get a comforter from the maintenance man the next morning)  BUT, it was clean!

We slept well enough; the room was dark, the location convenient and the two dudes that ran the place were doing the best that they could, so for us, it was a win.

If you are a super picky person, I would not recommend it, but it suited our purpose perfectly!
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