Sunday, May 27, 2018

When You Play, Sometimes You Pay!!

Last night was the third time I have been dancing since my shoulder surgery. In all fairness, I have missed many more nights of dancing, due to my chronic cancer, than I have from the surgery. The surgery aspect just means that I need to be really careful, and protect my shoulder, so it is not re-injured; which means limited dance partners and limited dances. Low on the priority list of considerations.

Higher on the list, is the annoying fact that I still have a small pleural effusion (fluid in my pleural sac, limiting full expansion of my lung) which limits my stamina greatly, and makes it difficult to dance an entire song. Add to that, the other side effects that I am still adjusting to from my new leaukemia drug, Bosulif, and it is a wonder that I can dance at all!

 The beginning of the night was rough; nausea, fatigue and all over achy-ness snuck in and threatened the night. I don't know whether it was the CBD oil (have not tried this brand)and the Preggie Pop, or just mind over matter, but I began to feel better after teaching the beginning lesson.

I began to rebound and feel the familiar happiness that comes with being on the dance floor.  A night of dancing, brings such joy to my heart and soul, that I always find it worth the effort to push through the rough spots, and hope that the endorphins kick in, allowing my feet to fly and my heart to sing.

Of course, all of that fun comes with a cost; today I am totally wiped out! The nerve pain in my feet is worse than it has been in years (thank you, Cipro) and the fatigue has prevented me from doing anything productive. I suppose that this is a small price to pay, for getting out there and enjoying my life.

Thank God for an understanding husband!

If you have never danced, it is never to late to learn; I highly recommend it!

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