Thursday, June 5, 2014

Follow Up Visit with Internal Medicine Doctor; Weight Gain and Head CT

Yesterday I met with my new doctor; for a change, it was not a visit with an oncologist. She reviewed the previous test results and my overall well-being. We discussed the decreased fatigue and hand and foot pain and attributed it to the treatment for the Hypothyroidism. I have currently been taking .05mg of Levothyroxine for about two weeks.

My two biggest complaints are my continuing increase in weight and my continual headache. She is hoping that as I continue the thyroid medication that my weight will either decrease or at least become stable. As far as my headache goes, it is a headache that is almost always there, on the back, right side, of the middle of my head. It is not extreme, but does seem to increase with activity, such as dance. It has probably been there for about two-ish months.

She decided that with all of my lovely health issues and side effects, it would be best to not take any chances and she ordered a CT scan of my head. I imagine that it will show that I either have rocks in my head or holes in my brain! Either way, after this last test, my overall health, and heart should hopefully all be deemed in good working order.

I will have a recheck of my thyroid at the end of June and will be seeing my oncologist in August; oh the life of a CML patient!

In the meantime, I am going to increase my time on the treadmill from twenty minutes per day, five days a week at 2.3 miles per hour, to thirty minutes per day, five days a week, reaching a record breaking speed of 2.5 miles per hour! I cannot believe how pathetic that is, coming from a person that was used to walking five miles, in the mountains, in less than an hour. Oh well, I guess it is better than nothing!

Living three years with CML has added almost twenty pounds to this bod; so, I am also going to really watch my diet! Something has to give and it has to give soon; I am quickly running out of things to wear in my closet and have actually found myself with a body shape that fits the Costco “Gloria Vanderbilt” pants; I never thought that I would live to see the day! 

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