Our Very Own Super Bowl: Us vs Philadelphia “Chromosome”

Yesterday many people gathered in front of their television sets to watch the Super Bowl; no matter how well prepared the teams were or were not, one team always prevails; it is the nature of the beast. It seems as though the half time show had the same results; one act prevailed over the other.

For those of us living with CML we will be playing in our very own Super Bowl: Us vs Philadelphia Chromosome, for the rest of our lives, so we must continue to train, and be prepared to make the tackle, catch the ball or run the length of the field, for our very own touchdown dance!

It is a game that is well worth playing; there will be many celebrations along the way and many disappointments, too; but if we are not in the game, we will miss them all. Yes, we may win some, and we may lose some but the goal is to stay in the game.

Some days are good and some days are bad; we need to take each and every one like a champ. I know that sometimes it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I believe that if we keep going through the tunnel, we will come out on the other end.

What we all must realize is that during the game, a play must be made. This play may have worked for a very long time, but the defense has figured it out and thwarted your plan; in this case, the play must be changed. It must be tweaked to become a new winning play. This play may work for an extended period of time, but then, once again; it may become ineffective. When this happens another new play must be put into action.

My greatest opponent for the past nine months has been pain; it has been affecting my daily life much more than acceptable. I have been in the game and changing the plays throughout this time and I must say that I believe that I am currently having more good days, than bad. I do not know exactly why the pain is more severe from one day to the next, as there does not seem to be a trigger, so it is difficult to make these game changing plans.

The first thing that we (I and my oncologist) did was to assess the situation and take all facts into consideration. I had an MRI, a Nerve Conduction Study, an Electromyogram and many blood tests. Once these facts and figures were assessed, along with my PCR, we lowered the dose of my medication; play one. I began to use the topical NSAID (Voltaren Gel) more regularly; play two. When the Voltaren Gel isn't performing up to standards I apply a Lidocaine patch: play three. And I began to use a heating pad when the pain reached an intolerable level: play four.

These four plays are working for now; when they no longer achieve desired results, I suppose that I will have to come up with a new game plan. And when the time comes that I meet a different opponent, face to face, I plan to be prepared to shut that one down, too.

We all must play our game and our very best defense is to stay in it, be prepared and to be willing to make changes in the play.

Good Luck in your very own Super Bowl; we are all winners in our game!


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