Ibiza, Spain

Today we are in Ibiza, Spain. Another island, off the coast of Spain. The beaches are both sandy and rugged, and the hillside are covered in fig and olive trees. There is a 16th century “castle” which is now filled with shops.

We were told that the people of Ibiza party morning, noon and night. We grabbed a taxi, and headed to the beach, along the way, we saw many areas where salt, apparently used to cure fish in Norway, was gathered. Our taxi driver’s father worked at there, and even restored the first steam engine.

The beach was lovely, and the water very inviting, but since we were not “beach prepared” we just walked in the water, and on the sand, and enjoyed listening to the sounds of the sea.

After the beach, we headed back to “Old Town” and the Castle of Ibiza, where I find a lovely silver ring, and some pretty great mango gelato. It was a fairly uneventful day, but nice to be able to say “I have been to Ibiza”!

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Apparently this cat has been here, in this window, for at least 10 years!


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