Europe in North Carolina

As I mentioned before, we were planning on being in Europe for Joe's 60th birthday; thanks to covid, that didn't happen.

Once upon a time, Asheville, North Carolina was slated to be the "Paris of the South" for establishing itself as an artisan city with a unique style and architectural talent. Being that it was less than five hours from home, it seemed the perfect birthday road trip.

I chose to stay at the Renaissance Asheville Hotel because it was super close to the downtown area, and three miles from the Biltmore Estate. The location was perfect, the beds were comfortable and they had the best bedside table I have ever had the pleasure to use! 

Whoever chose that piece of furniture was brilliant! It was on the large size, with three waterfalling shelves and a drawer! It had room for all of my paraphernalia; pills, water, book, booklight, iPad, chargers, snacks, hand lotion, face lotion, jewelry, jammies, CBD oil, and anything else that I may find interesting! lol

I know, ridiculous, but I have traveled a bunch, and hate when there is either a teeny, tiny nightstand or nothing at all!

Anyway, once we were checked in, we hit the "town"; walked about a block and found the most adorable streets with the most adorable shops, restaurants, and galleries.

It was a Monday, so it was relatively quiet and we were able to get reservations at a French restaurant called Bouchon. It was FABULOUS! Bon Appetit, Y'All! Gotta love it! 

I had Poulet Cordon Bleu Bouchon, and Joe had Boeuf Bourguignon, my dish came with Pommes Frites, aka the best damn french fries I have ever eaten! lol Dinner could not have been better, and the desert from "Old Europe" patisserie was amazing, too. Truly, the next best thing to being in Europe.

We walked the streets and window shopped, noting the places that we would have to visit tomorrow. 

All in all, it was a good day, now, if only my Bosulif will show up in the morning, I will really be able to relax.

Night y'all!

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