This Is God Speaking Loud and Clear, to me!

It is Sunday, three weeks from the last time I was out in public. It is crazy to think that I have been in isolation for that long.

At any rate, I decided to tune into the sermon at Freedom Church, here in Gallatin. We have only been able to physically attend the church once but enjoyed the pastor and the feel.

After "church" Joe and I decided to go for a walk, as it was an absolutely gorgeous day. As we were walking along, I said to Joe, "I am guessing that God has gotten the world's attention, don't you think?"

He agreed. A little further down the road we noticed a small pile of "poop" and speculated as to whether or not it was from a raccoon, or maybe a bear? In typical "Michele" fashion, my mind went to raccoons, skunks and other cute critters,  which then led me to think of other, not so cute critters like possums and moles. I began to feel sorry for the possums and I may have even called them ugly, which was not very nice, at all.

As I trudged onward, down the road, and up the hill,  contemplating life, and how the coronavirus has affected the world, I noticed out of the corner of my eye some rustling in a field.

After further examination, I realized that a freaking POSSUM was running through the field, straight towards us!! I kid you not! A POSSUM!!!

That little sucked was just hopping along as if we had called him, and he was obeying.  He was going to prove me wrong and seemed to say, "SEE! I am CUTE!"

And he WAS; he was actually very cute.  He stopped just shy of the fence and sat there looking at us while I apologized and snapped his photo. It was the weirdest, most amazing moment. I have never seen a possum in the wild, before.

Talk about a sign from God telling me I may need to listen a little more closely to what he is saying and letting me know that he thinks ALL of his creatures are beautiful.

I believe HE is in control, HE has our back, and HE has our attention. I know HE has mine.

I think seeing that possum today will have me smiling for many days to come! It is often the small coincidences that have me "listening" just that much harder, trying to figure out my purpose, and what I should be doing.

Happy Sunday; God has our back!

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