Coronavirus Isolation: Time

Prior to the coronavirus, and the either mandated or self-imposed isolation, I often heard people complaining that they did not have enough "time".  Enough time to spend with their families, enough time to clean their homes, cook their meals, organized their pantry, or often just read a book.

There were many times that I heard people say, "If I only had more time......." Granted, many of the things that people would do with their "time" such as going on a cruise, or to Disneyland are currently off of the table, but if we dig real deep, I bet that each and every one of us will begin to discover something, that prior to our isolation, we wished that we had more time to do.

We may even discover that we enjoy a simpler lifestyle, one where we are not always on the go. We may reconnect with our families and ourselves and discover that we didn't even realize just how disconnected and frantic we have become.

Now is the perfect time to sit back and take stock of our lives. What is really important? And what is essential? What do we need? And what can we do without?

How will this isolation impact our lives moving forward?

For me, the most difficult aspect of this isolation is not being able to spend face to face time with my kids and grandkids. Facetime is a blessing, but it just is not the same as being able to reach out and give them a hug.

I miss their soccer games, their softball games, and their cheer. I miss hanging out and playing games, riding bikes, and listening to their perspective on life. I miss sharing the beautiful sunshine and fresh air, so I guess what I am saying is that I miss the close proximity that pre-virus allowed us to enjoy.
I certainly will never take that for granted again.

The uncertainty of our future ways heavily on my mind, and I wonder whether or not this will become a new normal, or a historical reminder of just how fragile we, as a society, actually are.

I wonder whether or not the reminder of our fragility will be deeply seated in our being, or frivolously forgotten?

I know that we are resilient, I know that we are strong and I know that we will survive. The question is "how"?

My greatest hope is that we will all be enriched by this experience and that we will live our remaining days in earnest; remembering the "time" that we all had so much "time" on our hands.

Stay Healthy, Be Kind and soak in every moment.

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