Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Two Week Sprycel Vacation and the Return....Life!

It wasn't until the second week of my Sprycel vacation that my "old" self started to return. I was still coughing like a banshee, but DAMN I felt GOOD!!

The old "giddy",  happy-go-lucky, feel good inside, "me",  began to emerge from that place; deep down inside, where it sleeps, when I am on Sprycel.

I do not know where it goes, or why it disappears; it just does.

I started actually sleeping at night; what a TREAT! OMG, I totally forgot what it felt like to "sleep"! Every morning I marveled at how rested I felt, yet I hated that I could not take advantage because of my constant coughing. My mind was clearer, my hands and arms did not go numb during the night, my whole being was rested, and I had JOY pouring out of my body and soul. What a treat.

I would literally break out in a jig, for no reason at all; I didn't even care that I had to take ten minutes to recover from a coughing attack. I walked around with a smile on my face, and I enjoyed every single minute.

But like many good things, it came to an abrupt end. After two weeks, I started taking Sprycel again. My arms went back to being painful, dead arms at night, which contribute to my lack of sleep, the grey cloud returned and dampened my joy, and the veil of brain fog returned. It is crazy how one little pill can affect so many things. But hey,  on the upside, I was back on the battle field; slaying leukemia!

These past three months have been a harsh reminder of how a certain "Lot" of medication can make or break how you feel. My "HH" Lot numbers have SUCKED! It seems as though the most affected area have been my hands and arms; they go into this painful, numb state, during the night, while I attempt to sleep.

It is frustrating, annoying and down right inconvenient. Remembering what it was like to sleep at night, during my break was sheer bliss. I wish that the drug manufacturers could be more consistent in their production of these powerful drugs, and were able to alleviate more of the side effects which come along, with taking them.

I retain my stance that last year was my best year ever! If I could only go back to that run of Lot numbers, I would be ever thankful. In an attempt to find the golden stash of Sprycel, I did request that my Sprycel order come from a different warehouse this month, and I took the first pill from the new bottle, two nights ago; it seems as though my arm issues were a bit better the past two nights, so I am hopeful that will continue to improve. Of course, I did wake up with mouth sores and the start of a "cold sore" on my lip! HAHAHa, so I started the Acyclovir this morning!

Com si com sa.

Chronic Mylogenous Leukemia certainly keep one guessing.............

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