CT Scan and Update

Well, the CT Scan report is a bit interesting; it does note the pleural effusion, which we expected, with an associated atelecatesis; I am not entirely certain what this means, other than there is a partial collapse of my left lung.

It does not say specifically that there is a rind present, so I am going to assume at this point, that there is not; this would be a great news.

Of course the pulmonologist is out of town, so I cannot confirm what I am reading in the report,  but  it seems as though I can never do anything the easy way;something showed up on my right lung;

"New 13 x 20 x 16 mm part solid nodule in the right upper lobe, predominantly groundglass with approximately 5 mm solid component (series 3, images 80 and 83 and series 6, image 40). Similar part solid, predominantly groundglass nodule in the right lower lobe more inferiorly (series 3, image 109), with mild solid components along its superior aspect."

At this point, I am not going to stress too much about these nodules, as I had another one in my right lung last year, that did resolve on its' own. It was what they call a "spiculated" nodule which I believe to be more concerning than a "groundglass" nodule.

So until next week, when I see the surgeon, I will continue to pretend that all is well. This will be much easier to do now that my cough has finally ceased.

I do not know why, as I know I still have fluid in the left lung, but I am SO grateful for the reprieve!
It is funny how when you are in the middle of a cycle, whether it is coughing, nerve pain, bone pain, nausea, or whatever side effect seems to be rearing its' ugly head during a certain period of time, it becomes your "norm", you just deal with it and carry on. You don't quite remember what it was like when you weren't dealing with the side effect and you can't necessarily see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It can make you weary, and some days you just feel like crying.

And then, just when you are at the end of your rope, you often turn the corner. You think to yourself, is my coughing better? do my feet actually hurt a bit less? is my bone pain not quite as bad as it was yesterday? and you realize that you are on an upswing.

I thank God for these upswings and I have empathy for those that do not experience them as often as I do. I know this last bout with my coughing and effusions was a long haul; I coughed from December until May and was tired and disgusted, and just when I felt there was no end in sight, the coughing ceased.

I suppose that I will never really know why, but I shall not question my good fortune!
I will still be dealing with my chronic pleural effusion when I get back from our trip, but for now, I am optimistically anticipating a fabulous month in Europe, cough free!

I know that I can deal with the shortness of breath, as I am a pro in that department, so that is of little concern.

My last PCR result was .062, so we are going to lower my dose of Sprycel during our trip and see what the numbers tell us when I get back. I am just going to have to trust that all will be well.

Keeping fingers crossed for a favorable appointment with the surgeon. So stay tuned......


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