Friday, September 6, 2013

Leukemia vs Murphy

I do not know what it is, but I am telling you, “Murphy” is my conjoined twin. He has been with me since birth, and never seems to go away! I would love to share him, or at least give him a break.

 If there is going to be extra, unwarranted charges on a bill; they will be on mine. If the gal at the store is going to double ring an item; that will be on my receipt. If something is on sale; you guessed it, it will ring up full price. And the phone calls, ugh; why is it that after being on hold for eons, the person that finally says “How may I help you?” also says, “Oh, I must transfer you” and then “Click” I have been disconnected!

I suppose that Murphy is around to test my patience and my humor, but sometimes, I am just too tired to join in his games. Why is it that he had to show up and put a damper on my last PCR test? I am still so tickled that it was negative, but so bummed about the Pleural Effusion, that came along with it.

I have been off of Sprycel for about 2 ½ weeks; I suppose with a negative PCR that this should not worry me; too much. And I guess that worry is not really the best word for what I feel; I am actually anxious to get back on my meds (never thought I would say that!), as I am really hoping for another negative response.

So having had bronchitis and lingering PE, I have to delay resuming my medication, thus delaying my fight for another negative PCR. I have been battling chronic myelogenous leukemia for 31 months; there have been bumps along the way and my life has definitely been changed, but reaching a negative response has made the battle a bit easier to fight. I finally feel as though all of the side effects I suffer, on a daily basis are finally paying off.

 I suppose that I should just suck up the fact that Pleural Effusion is simply one more of those side effects and that hopefully, my oncologist will be able to dial in the proper dosage of Sprycel , to keep my negative response; negative, yet prevent the PE. If I can just get Murphy to take a break, maybe this will happen. 

Last night I popped a 70 mg, half of my “regular” dose, of Sprycel into my body. I took it with a shot of Mother’s Vinegar and a bit of apprehension. I did not notice a change in the PE; it is not any better and it is not any worse. I sent an email to my oncologist and told him what I did; guess I will have to wait and see what he response is; hopefully I won’t get scolded!

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