Monday, December 10, 2012

Sometimes Yoga Can Do More Harm Than Good

Since the Sprycel medication, used to treat my chronic mylogenous leukemia, can often cause muscle spasms, I thought, that instead of taking another medication, to control the spasms, I would try Yoga. I use Voltaren Gel, when the spasms are really bad, and that is a life-saver, but I was hoping to lessen the attacks, with Yoga.

So, I purchased a DVD online and started with the first routine. My body seemed to respond positively and my spasm attacks, seemed to be less frequent. I quickly progressed from the introductory routine to a more challenging routine. The routines that I alternated between were approximately 45 minutes in length. I was thrilled at how my back was responding, but not thrilled with the increase of numbness in my hands, particularly at night.

My hands have been falling asleep or going numb for quite some time; this also, is either due to the leukemia, or the treatment, as many of my CML buddies suffer from the same thing. Anyway, since I began Yoga, this has increased and also continued throughout the day. In addition to my hands falling asleep, my wrists and elbows are now, also affected. They ache continually and I am beginning to think that the Yoga is causing more damage, than benefit.

It is not really all “Yoga”, but the upward and downward dog positions, and the push up positions that are putting strain on my joints. So much strain that I have had to stop any Yoga that uses my wrists. I am going to have to find a different Yoga DVD, or other type of DVD that will allow me to strengthen my core at a slow and steady pace, that does not put strain on my wrists. I cannot afford to keep dropping everything that I pick up, and I am fatigued with the constant ache in my arms.

Ideas or suggestions are welcome!!


  1. I have wrist injuries and tingling in my hands too. I use
    Yoga For the Rest of Us by Peggy Cappy. It's made for people with arthritis but is great.

    1. Thanks! no poses with wrist pressure?

    2. She's pretty adamant that you don't do any of the poses if they are uncomfortable, so if there are any wrist pressure poses I didn't do them and therefore don't remember them. It also offers different levels of difficulty for each pose.

  2. Hi Michele - I also have tingling in my hands every now and again however. my foot can cramp at times doing yoga while holding positions. Maybe as a suggestion, go to a yoga class and have supervision or speak with a yoga master for exercises designed for you.

    1. Denise,
      Great idea, other than the fact that I live in the middle of no-where! In the mountains, and I really need to be able to rely on a dumb DVD and my own motivations, when I have the energy, to get it done!
      BUT, I will see if I can find an instructor and pick their brain!
      Thanks for the suggestion!


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