Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No, The Grinch Did Not Steal Me, Too!

Even though it may seem as though the Grinch snuck into my room, hog-tied my arms and legs, duct taped my mouth, and shipped me to the South Pole; he did not! I am truly, alive and well, and beginning to recover from all of the extra opportunities and obligations that the holiday season entailed. It was so busy, that I barely made it through each day, and my blog updates and communications suffered. I vow to catch you all up, before the end of January.

First and foremost on the list: I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year; and to thank each and every one of you, for the prayers and support, that you have offered me during this past, very difficult, year. Without your words of encouragement, and your more than generous donations, I do not know if I would have been able to face each and every day, with all of hope and determination that I have had, without the support that you provided. Thanks to all of you, I find myself armed and ready to continue my battle against chronic myelogenous leukemia. I cannot express my gratitude through words alone, so hopefully you can feel the great big hug that I am sending out, via the internet.

I also wanted to update you on some of the random posts that you may be reading on my blog. Bottom line; I am getting paid to write them…..gotta do, what ya gotta do, right? Some of them are quite informational and I have actually found some pretty great sites, that I would never had known existed, if I had not been writing a post for them. So, hopefully you will not find them too annoying, and will actually find some of them useful.

As far as the New Year is concerned, I am currently getting over one of the longest bouts of “something upper respiratory” that I have ever had. It seems as though I have been sick forever, but I understand that I am not the only one out there suffering from the continual; hack-hack. My white cells actually raised a bit to combat whatever is going on , but oddly enough, my “raised” white cells only equate to 5,100; barely over the “low normal.” It makes me wonder a bit about the Sprycel suppressing the whites so much, that when I need healthy white cells to combat infection; will my body be able to make them?

Hmmm….food for thought!

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