Leukemia Wins This Round

Life has been crazy for me during the past two weeks. The craziness began with a trip to the Paradise Dance Festival. I competed for the last time this year. I came in second overall and wish that I had danced better, but that is nothing new. As much as I hate to admit it, I am afraid that this damn leukemia is just going to get its’ wish; to slow me down.

I have been fighting tooth and nail to live my life just like I was before I was diagnosed with leukemia. Dancing was one of the things in my life that I was trying the hardest to hold on to. I won’t stop dancing, but I know that I need to stop competing; at least for now. I just cannot count on feeling good, often enough to practice on a consistent basis, and I never know how I am going to feel when the competition day actually arrives. Not to mention, the competition itself; it has become increasingly exhausting. I do really great for the first four dances, but my energy wanes greatly over the next four. Not to mention, I am completely wiped out by the time the weekend is over. So, for now, I will continue to practice and dance when I am able and will have a tentative plan to compete next May, in Fresno.


  1. It's beautiful Michele. Leukemia has not won this round, taking care of yourself, and your needs has won this time. Life throws curve balls, sometimes we don't duck in time... Cancer, a HUGE curve ball, and you, my lovely friend are dancing you way right through to remission. Sending you love, Prayer and warm thoughts always!! x0x0 julia


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