Warsaw, Poland: Day Four

Today is our last day in Poland. After two days of rest, I feel pretty good, although my throat is still threatening to make a statement!

Joe went out and perused the bake shops for breakfast and came back with the BEST almond croissant I have had on this trip! A couple of glasses of orange juice and coffee down the hatch and I was ready to take on the day. The lower half of my intestinal track seems to have settled down; it is my least favorite Bosulif side effect.

I really wanted to see the "Life Under Communism Museum" so we located it on our map and decided to make the trek. The walk was along the Royal Route and I was glad that we were going to see a different area of Warsaw before we left.

The route took us through the "Castle Square" and I was able to enjoy a ballerina dancing amongst bubbles, balloons, singers, and dancers; it seems that there is always something going on in the square.

Same ballooons we have at home.

They start them young: made me sad.

We ran across many different churches, statues, parks, and palaces and walked down the most prestigious street in Warsaw, called Krakowskie Przedmiescie. We walked past the Presidential Palace, with guards out front and the Polish Academy of Sciences. Outside of the Academy was the Copernicus Monument, which looked like a dude holding the world!

He's got the whole world.....

Deep in thought?

As we walked, I felt as though we were going through an area of Warsaw where people worked and lived, although the streets, cafe's and ice cream shops were teeming with tourists.

Eventually, we found our way to the "Life Under Communism Museum" and went in,  to explore. It was not very large and was representative of how people lived, under communism during the years, 1945 to 1989; it is hard to believe that that was only thirty years ago.

Joe remembered a friend of his, on his college track team, that defected from Poland and we marveled at how recent that really was and how much their lives must have changed.

I recognized a vacuum from my childhood as well as clothing styles my mother used to wear. It was a lovely little museum and worth the walk of 6,200 steps! NOW, just to make my way back! lol

We definitely strolled on our way back, stopping and resting often, once with Gelato; eventually,  I made it back to Old Town. I was happy to be there as the small quaint village feel, is much more to my liking than the big city feel.

We enjoyed our dinner last night so much, that we decided to go back to the same restaurant; the Karmnik, again tonight. I just had to have one of those fancy ice teas; lucky for me, it tasted just as good as it looked!

Our favorite restaurant!

Honey Cake

I had a chicken breast filled with an amazing stuffing and onion sauce of some sort all over the entire breast, a salad, and carrots that were sliced paper thin, in a spiral.  Joe had a pork chop, mashed potatoes, and a cucumber salad. We brought a home a walnut cake for dessert. It was divine.

This is likely our favorite restaurant of the trip, thus far.

Afterward, we called it a night, as our flight leaves at 12:30 tomorrow morning.

All in all, I would consider this an excellent trip to Warsaw!

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