Home Again, Home Again!

Jiggety, Jig!! It was a long haul from Paris, to New York, New York to home. The first leg was eight hours, or should I say four movies? The second leg was three movies and then we were home.

We spent the night in New York because it is much less taxing on my body than flying straight through. Even breaking up the trip is difficult. I do not know why flying kicks my butt so hard, but ever since I was diagnosed with leukemia, it just does.

We arrived home at 10 pm and our wonderful neighbor picked us up and even stopped at the grocery store so we could get a few essentials.

Driving up the mountain towards home always makes me smile, and once we arrived home, and I got out of the car, I just could scarcely believe that night sky; dazzling with billions of stars. The air was crisp and the mountains smelled like home.

I am such a dork that I grabbed the flashlight and headed out into the yard, I wanted to see the daffodils, tulips, and asparagus!! I ran around the house, inside and out, just like a little kid on Christmas. There truly is no place like home, right?

Today I am still smiling, from the memories of the past six weeks, and the joy of being back home. I feel so blessed to have lived my dream and appreciate the spark of life that it ignited.

Living with chronic cancer has its' challenges; it can be depressing, wearing and downright annoying, but it does not mean I cannot continue to fulfill my dreams. I fight this disease every day, so that I can go on living, and enjoying this wonderful, fantastic thing we call life.

Follow your heart, chase your dreams and never lose your sense of wonder!

Thanks to so many who encouraged, supported and followed me through this priceless adventure.

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