Friday, January 29, 2016

When Routine Medical Visits Become Worrisome

As you may or may not know, I live in Boise, Idaho. My CML oncologist is at UCLA and my gynecological oncologist is in Palm Springs. (borderline ovarian serous tumors 10 years ago) Needless to say, travel for medical check ups have become a part of my life.

On occasion, I roll in and roll out of these appointments unscathed; everything status quo; other times there are hitches.  The visit with my CML oncologist went pretty much as I anticipated; moderate pleural effusion in both lungs.

I say that I expected this because for the past six months I have been taking 140mg of Sprycel, six days a week, as opposed to five days a week, to try and get my PCR back to a ".0something" number. Three months ago it was .074, the best PCR I have had in eighteen months.

My body tolerates 140mg five days a week quite well, but every once in a while, I want better numbers and go for the gusto, upping my dose! This typically results in a great PCR, but also pleural effusion! Guess I can't have the whole ball of wax!

My next appointment was to the gynecological oncologist; this visit has been so routine for 10 years, that I never expect there to be a hitch; but this time: FOOLED YA!!

My CA125, a blood test that is used by gynecologist as a tumor indicator, was elevated. I guess up to 33 is "normal" and mine was 102. Not extremely elevated, but given my history, a CT scan was ordered "just to be safe". Grrrrrrrrrr....

As luck would have it, apparently I have 4-5 mm diameter spiculated nodule without calcification and a 3 mm diameter calcified nodule of the right middle lobe. What ever the heck that means! Hopefully NOT lung cancer!

Having to keep on top of CML is difficult enough, I cannot even imagine dealing with another serious illness!

So, here I go on another medical journey, I have already sent my CT report to my internal medicine physician in Boise, have an appointment with her on Tuesday and she has sent in a referral to a pulmonologist.

I am trying not to lose too much sleep, and trying not to give in to the what ifs', but I have to say "what the @$#!? " has come out of my mouth more than one occasion!
I often wonder whether or not I am just plain dense, and therefore have many lessons still to be learned, many challenges to overcome, or if  I am just an integral part of someone elses' learning process and journey. Either way, I certainly wish that I could catch a break!

Looks as if 2016 is starting off with a BANG!!

Blessings to all; please keep me in your thoughts and prayers if you have room, as I see many more tragic journey's than my own......

Bricks for the Brave!!