About Me

In February, of 2011, my life hit a speed bump; the bump derailed my course and set me on a new path. I was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML); a chronic blood cancer, that would be my constant companion, for the rest of my life.

Not knowing what the future would hold, I began to research my new disease, so that I would be able to understand it and live my best life. I began this blog, to share my knowledge with friends and family. It has become so much more, and for this I am grateful.

While CML has slowed me down, it has not stopped me! I continue to live my best life. Spending time with my kids and grandkids is always high on the priority list, as is travelling with my husband.

Prior to diagnosis, my husband and I were competitive dancer's, and while competing is no longer an option for me, we still enjoy social dancing.

My passion for patient advocacy has grown, and much of my time is spent helping others, living with chronic illnesses.

So, I embrace the speed bump that turned my life upside down, I cherish every moment of every day, and am grateful for all of the opportunities that I have received since hearing those devastating words; "I am sorry, but you have Leukemia."

Life is not easy, and it is not always "fun", but it is ALWAYS worth it!!

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