Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Prague, Czech Republic: Day One

Love the moon!
Kriztina arrived at the apartment at 11:50, right on time, and had already ordered a taxi for us, which was waiting down below. She helped move our luggage to the awaiting taxi and we said our goodbyes. She was a fabulous host and her apartment was perfect!

Today we flew Ryan Air; it was the only airline that we had delays on, the last time we flew in Europe, so we were keeping our fingers crossed. Once we arrived at Budapest airport, it was a madhouse! Everyone is literally dumped into one area with gates for airlines randomly chosen.

It appeared that we were twenty minutes from them even announcing our gate, so I asked a young gal, with a yellow vest, if we were understanding that correctly. She affirmed that we were and told us that normally Ryan Air's gate was behind this chaos, but we would not know until they announced it.

We chatted with her and found out that she had been an au pair for a family in Boston and loved the United States. As the time approached for the announcement of our gate, she went on her radio and confirmed that it would be in the back, giving us a head start on the hoards of people that would be flocking to the gate.

I will be forever grateful to that angel, as we were checked in before the rest of the passengers arrived. Thank God for small favors and wheelchairs! The hours of fatigue, line standing in hot places, and privilege to be able to board the plane without getting jostled and knocked over is a blessing.

The arrival wheelchairs are just as great as we breeze through customs and taxi lines without getting lost or getting completely worn out. I don't know what it is about flying, but it is just exhausting, even on a one hour flight.

Once again we are in an apartment with stairs. The only difference with this one is that we expected it! And let me tell you, there are STAIRS! It is going to be interesting to see if I make it to bed at the end of every day!

Many spiral stairs!

A washer?


Today we only went down for dinner and grocery essentials, and then back up. The small pleural effusion that remains is always a challenge with stairs, but with this cold too, it was REALLY rough; I was hacking like a maniac by the time I reached the top; Thank goodness for Albuterol!

We had dinner in a place right outside our door. We had a pickled cheese thingy that was out of this world, and I had some sort of beef stew and dumpling thing, Joe had an assorted platter.

THIS was amazeballs!

Dumpling? aka Bread

All of it was "good", but I think we will be trying someplace new tomorrow.

The architecture, from what I have seen is amazing, and I do not have a clue what all of the domes and spires are, but I am looking forward to exploring tomorrow.

Safe and sound and in bed, in Prague!

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