Prague, Czech: Day Three

Loving the dimples!
A slow start today brought me straight to the Gelato shop; chocolate and pistachio with a macaroon on top. Best macaroon I have had since I arrived in Europe, and the gelato was great, too!

Since it was a beautiful day, we headed towards the castle, way up on top of the hill; slow and steady wins the race, right? Fortunately for us, the road Nerudova was filled with wonderful sights, signs, and doorways. These signs were "house signs" that were used as addresses until 1770.

I am not sure which was my favorite, but between the signs and the Marionette shops, I was a happy girl!

Once we made it to the top, and over to the church, St. Vitus Cathedral, we realized that it was already closed, as a concert was being held inside; I didn't want to see the inside anyway; So, there!

The outside was full of amazing gargoyles, gates, and spires, and I found a great little kiosk that sold little gifts, made from old watch parts. We enjoyed walking around the outside and even saw the changing of the guards; surprisingly, one of the guards was a woman.

I am glad that we made it to the top, as the views were phenomenal, and the street musicians were enjoyable, too. We took a different way down from the castle, which allowed us to see a different area of the city, and we ended up right back down on our street; another perfect location which makes all of the hour's research, looking, reading and mapping Air BnB's so worth it.

Love these guys!

Dinner tonight was right next door. We couldn't pass up the picked Camembert cheese, and we decided this one, thus far, was our favorite. Add a chicken goulash with rice and a bowl of broccoli with cheese and once again we are STUFFED!

The best-pickled cheese so far!

It was a short day, as this old gray mare is wearing out!

Hoping to have more energy tomorrow.

Prague and the weather could not be more perfect!

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