Thursday, August 6, 2020

A Totally Spontaneous Day!

Today Kevin had plans to golfing at our local course. I thought I might join in, just to get out of the house and to visit with him. My husband thought maybe he would join us and actually golf even though he hasn't golfed in a bazillion years, and Jack said, "Well, I have golfed a few times with my Dad, so I would like to go, too!"

So it was settled, we were all going to head to the golf course at 8:00 am, as they do not take reservations and we were told to just show up.

Now, for those of you that know me, you know that I am not a morning person; it doesn't mean I can't get up in the morning, it simply means that I do not like to! lol

My son even had doubts as to whether or not I would actually be up and ready to go so early, but I fooled them all by being the first person ready to head out the door!

We piled into the car and drove to the golf course. Upon arrival, we noticed that there were tons of cars. Something the dude on the phone did not bother to mention was that they had a tournament going on that day, and it would be at least an hour before we could get onto the course.

Now that totally sucked! I got up at the butt-crack of morning for nothing?

Oh, NO! We got back into the car and I said, "It is only 8:30 in the morning and I am out of the house; we are NOT going home!"

"What are we going to do?"

Well, we headed to downtown Nashville, to the Johnny Cash Museum, which was opening at 10:00 am. Who the heck goes sightseeing at 10:00am?

Apparently, we do!

We parked at the Nissan Stadium because it is free and walked over the pedestrian bridge which was really cool.

Upon arrival at Johnny's, there were few people, masks, and social distancing required, so we went in. It was really special to see his memorabilia and read about his life. But, it wasn't as much fun as Graceland, however, I was grateful for the experience.

NOW, it is only 11:15!! UGH! it is going to be a LONG day!

I am still not ready to throw in the towel, so we decide to show Kevin and Jack the "hip" part of Nashville; Broadway. It is not nearly as impressive as it is at night when everything is open, but it was still fun to meander down the strip.

The boys thought they should try some "hot chicken" which Nashville is famous for, so despite the fact that I haven't eaten out one bite since March, I told them that they could eat, and I would eat the granola bar that I had brought!!

I asked a walking policeman where he would eat hot chicken and he told us "Prince's" food truck, up four blocks, and over four more! Off we went, in the heat, in search of hot chicken!

Miraculously, we found the food truck, only to be disappointed because it was closed on Mondays. BOO! At this point, we are far from the walking bridge and our car, so we headed back towards Broadway. 

We passed a restaurant that was open and since the boys were starving, we went in. I was a bit freaked out despite the fact that people had masks on because of course, you have to take them off to eat, so what the heck?

Our waitress brought us water, with her mask on, however, she grabbed the plastic cups with water, with her fingers around the rim! GROSS! So much for not spreading germs!

Needless to say, I did not eat or drink and could hardly wait to get out of there! The doors were open so there was fresh air, and people were spread WAY out, but I still was not impressed. On top of that, according to the boys, the food was not very good.

By now, I am wondering what the heck I am going to do for the rest of the day, as it was only 1:00 pm, and I am up, dressed, and out of the house! Fortunately, right across from where we parked was a Top Golf!

I said, let's go! Why the hell not? We didn't get to golf at the course, so this would make up for that.

I had never been to Top Golf before, but since I had golfed, decades ago, I was excited to hit a ball or two!
We got a bay on the third floor which was awesome! Outside of our bay, masks had to be worn, but inside our area, they did not.

They had put up floor to ceiling barriers to contain each bay's germ and hey ensured me that each bay and the clubs, were disinfected between every use, so I felt pretty good about being there.

I was also really excited! The boys all hit the ball like champs! I was a bit nervous my first time up, as I had rotator cuff surgery two years ago, and certainly had not hit a golf ball in a very long time, but I wasn't going to let that stop me! I stepped up and swung, and my arm did A.OK!

I didn't take as many shots as the boys, as my arm did get tired, and since I only have one "cep" of my "bicep" I didn't want to push it. But, it was SO MUCH FUN! I even scored a few points and managed to hit the ball straight, most of the time.

We got home before 4:00 pm and I was exhausted, but certainly was not going to nap; I just am not a napper! But I will admit, the rest of my day was SHOT! I was good for nothing.

But Joe was up for making pizza!

What I learned about getting up at 7:00 am is that the day is REALLY long! And that I do not miss anything getting up at 10:00 am! 

I will not be changing my ways, but I certainly had a really great day!

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  1. Loved reading this. You are amazing. I never see the crack of dawn o
    Unless I am flying and thanks to the covid, I am stranded at my daughter's in California. Was supposed to return to my son's in Pa. In March. Maybe next year!! So I go to bed late and never rise early. Keep safe and well.❤


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